Political correctness gone Tory mad!

Whatever your political outlook, spare a thought for the beleaguered leader of the UK opposition Michael Howard. One of his front benchers delivers an argument in a private party debate which is out of line with current Tory public policy (but in line with Tory private thinking). It gets to the press, who go large on it. 24 hours later, the man is no longer a front bencher, and is being stood down from his Arundel constituency ten days before an election campaign. If you’re Tory candidate, it’s no longer clear the leader wants you to say “what your constituents might be thinking”, on fiscal policy at least!

  • vespasian

    If Major and Hague had acted decisively like Howard then the Tories might not be in the mess they are in.

    The Tories had a policy and the deputy chairman should have stuck to it, he had been warned previously and deserved what he got. Howard’s failing was he didn’t have good judgment in appointing him in the first place.

    Never trust a man who has no need of money to stick to party policy!

  • Tim Roll-Pickering

    If Major had taken such action, the party would have been even more shattered.

    A well led party needs two things – a leader and a membership who wish to be led. If you have one trying to impose something that the others do not accept then you just get battle royale.

  • IJP

    It’s an excellent article.

    The Tories are a mess because they’ve adopted policies straight out of the Daily Mail. People like to read that stuff to persuade themselves that really it’s not that unreasonable, but they won’t vote for it because they’re not really like that.

    To be a bit fair, the Tories have been given an impossible task – trying to explain what’s wrong with a country where the economy is booming and where, on issues such as health, cynicism is so rife it doesn’t much matter anyway. And basically New Labour has trapped the Tories in to what is basically populist racism. Not an easy task. But they’ve made a right balls-up of it anyway.

  • Alan

    The Tories have a policy, the deputy chairman stuck to it and people are now wise to their real intentions.

    How much more than 36 billion were they going to cut and what impact would it have on NI? That is what people should be told.