It IS culture.. dammit

Unless you’ve been stuck on Gallifrey for the last month, you’ll be aware that tonight sees the return of everyone’s favourite TV sci-fi character – if you can remember Tom Baker in the role, that is, and his scarf, and Leela *ahem* – Yup. Dr Who is back. There’s a great ‘then and now‘ feature in the Guardian’s Guide for those who know what I’m wittering on about. And Laura Barton has an equally amusing assessment of role of The Doctor’s companion “You can’t get away with a bit of totty on Doctor Who’s arm anymore.”

A couple of brief excerpts from the Guide feature, firstly on The Doctor himself –

In chronological order, then, we’ve had: William Hartnell (who played the Doctor as a harried academic), Patrick Troughton (a pratfall-prone tramp), Jon Pertwee (a flouncing dandy in frock-coat and frills), Tom Baker[no relation, unfortunately] (the nation’s official favourite; a brilliantly booming wag whose huge scarf and roaring eccentricity helped ratings top 16million), Peter Davison (a panting schoolboy), Colin Baker[no relation, fortunately] (a massive sod) and, finally, Sylvester McCoy (a lisping ninny whose profoundly irritating habit of suddenly BELLOWING for absolutely no REASON WHATSOEVER was at least partly responsible for the BBC tugging the chain after 26 years of dogged but ultimately quite silly service). Oh, and Paul McGann, whose sole outing makes him the George Lazenby of the Who franchise and therefore of no use to anyone at all.

And on the Tardis –

Now: Out go the wobbly fittings and plastic console: in come thrusting hydraulics, metal platforms, vein-like protrusions on the walls and what look like strange glowing bits of coral and bendy tubes that dangle from the ceiling like massive dreadlocks. The look? HR Giger meets Bob Marley. In a brain. In, like, another dimension. Maaaan.

heh heh heh… 7pm BBC1.

  • Alan2

    Ahh. Leela..ahem indeed.
    Great. I really hope this is a success after the lacklustre film a couple of years ago.
    Dr Who is a classic. Intelligent, witty and ironic which doesn`t happen to often in todays TV dross….hopefully they haven`t “dumbed down” (dumbed Is that even a word?).

  • fmk

    they forgot peter cushing?!? how could they forget peter cushing?!? peter cushing is like the david niven of james bonds!

  • Davros

    I have my place behind the sofa already claimed!

  • Richard Delevan

    Been watching the UKTV Gold marathon today while in day two of wrestling with new laptop/wireless router. I see now why the post-Tom Baker docs didn’t make it over in PBS syndication in the States. Although the Sylvester chap is pretty good.
    Also a reminder of how ridiculously blatant the ripoff was of the Cybermen for the Borg.

  • Davros

    Davros (camel’s scrotum on a commode),

    No comment, Chris – are you allowed to work on libel cases yet ?

  • Davros


  • Pat Curley

    Richard, they did show the Peter Davison and Colin Baker episodes over here on PBS, at least in my neck of the woods.

    Peri was easily the worst companion; the girl who played her was a dreadful actress. I thought Romana (both versions) held her own against Tom Baker rather well. Nyssa was capable and independent. Sarah Jane was a bit too pixieish.

  • Davros

    One of the early companions, I cannot remember her name , wandered about in a tartan Skirt and was, quite frankly, a bit mannish. Since then they have been more careful.

  • JD

    I am outraged: not one mention of K-9.

    There aren’t enough smart-arse cylon-eyed robot dogs.

    I’ll miss the perspex, too.

    I also blame Tom Baker for my jelly-baby problem…

  • Davros

    For me it went downhill when they made the Doctor Earth Bound and relied on Unit – One Brigadier, One Sarn’t and some squaddies. What sort of command structure was that ? And I found K-9 irritating.

  • JD

    And I found K-9 irritating.


  • Davros

    Sorry JD 🙂 I have to call it as I see it. I do like, on the other hand , ‘Rocket’ in Fimbles and
    that naughty “Noo-Noo” in Teletubbies….

  • JD

    Maybe we can salvage things: Your views on Ermintrude from The Magic Roundabout?

  • Davros

    Ermintrude was a class act 🙂

  • Davros

    Where do you stand on “Bosco” from 1980’s RTE ? I prayed woodworm would get it.

  • JD

    Nice one, Davros. Anyone with a softspot for Ermintrude is a good egg.


  • JD

    My position on Bosco is unfit to print. I loved the dungarees on the presenters, though.

    However, the tongue twister sisters were a head-trip. Especially with those telescopic necks which got longer as their voices sped-up. Jesus, very phallic now that I remember. And who ever heard of stage curtains on an asteroid?

  • Davros

    Hmmmm – could this be the way forward ? The DUP and SF find common ground on Hector’s House and The Herbs …. realising this they agree to move forward together ?

  • Greg

    Ah, Bosco. Strangely, I went to school with a bloke whose Dad made Bosco. Yep, Bosco hails from Palmerstown, arguably the most boring parish in West Dublin.

    And Davros, was the mannish companion in a skirt the one and only Jamie McCrimmon, rescued from the Battle of Culloden by the wandering Gallifreyan?

  • Davros

    That’s her Greg. Strange sort of girl, but as I have found out to my cost, in Scotland anything is possible.

  • Davros

    Come to think of it, Billie Piper – Chris Evans. I read somewhere that Chris Evans based himself on Bosco.

  • Davros

    Thumbs up in the Guardian :

    Timelord triumphs in our age of irony