Annus horribilus continues on both sides of the border.

As if Sinn Féin didn’t have enough problems, and as the row over the ‘republican policing’ continues in Belfast Sinn Féin embroiled in new row over man’s death, the Leitrim Observer has details of trouble in a bar where it is alleged that SF members claimed to be members of the IRA and arrests were made after two customers were threatened.Sinn Féin members apologise after Manorhamilton ‘incident’

The paper reveals that two Sinn Féin members were part of a large group who entered a bar, allegedly claimed to be members of the IRA and threatened two customers. Thankfully nobody was killed or seriously injured in this incident, but six people were arrested. Interestingly enough there is a discrepancy between the version of events after the trouble given by Local county councillor Michael Colreavy and the Publican.

No mention of the incident or the involvement of the two members on the Sinn Féin Website.