Killers have moral obligation to hand themselves in

Former IRA prisoner explains what he sees as the symbolic significance of the IRA’s offer to kill three men in connection with the killing of Robert McCartney. He also beleives there is a moral obligation on those responsible to hand themselves up.

  • Donnie

    Doesn’t the fact that they are killers indicate that morals aren’t high on their agenda?!

  • Tom Griffin

    “Even if Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness say we want you to make statements, there is resentment, suspicion of the police and justice system – they (any witnesses) just won’t.”

    There’s an interesting comparison to be had with this story
    published in England yesterday about a double murder in Birmingham.

    “All this thing about the wall of silence is really about the lack of trust we have in the police.

    “They didn’t even appear to use Black police officers in the initial enquiry. There is an uneasy relationship with police and more needs to be done to forge greater understanding with the community.”

  • Whatabout

    No-one admits to anything -even the most trivial of crimes. It’s part of our society. It used to be if you were caught you admitted. Now if you’re caught you see a solicitor who advises you to say nothing and let the authorities prove their case. This is the way the legal process has developed – nothing against solicitors, who must do their best within the law for their client. Morals don’t really come into it at present.

  • cg


    A solicitor is supposed to be an officer of the court first and foremost 😉

  • Davros

    nothing against solicitors

    Shame on you Whatabout LOL

  • cg

    You have to admire vets,at least they get to put their clients down 😉

  • Davros

    You have to admire vets,at least they get to put their clients down

    if only!!!!