Cover up acts require a lot of kicking and screaming!

Susan McKay believes that Geraldine Finucane did not get the coverage she deserved last week because the media was absorbed in the McCartney’s meeting with George Bush. She quotes Judge Cory’s grandson, “who, when thwarted, would announce that he was going to his room and he was going to kick and scream and turn blue”. But she warns:

The Belfast republicans who have taken to jeering at the McCartneys for turning to Bush as their champion should reflect on this. Yes, he is an international menace to freedom, democracy and human rights. He’s also the most powerful man in the world and Gerry Adams would have been happy to shake his hand – again – had he been asked. Judge Cory called collusion, among other things, “conniving with those who committed the murder by turning a blind eye”. That applies equally to the republican movement’s behaviour in relation to the McCartney murder.

She also notes the relative silence over the possible involvement of the LVF in the suspected murder of a young Catholic girl Lisa Dorrian:

“Speculation isn’t helpful,” the detective in charge said. “What we want to deal with is facts and evidence.”

To sign off she adds:

The LVF is closely bound up with the UDA which was closely bound up with the British intelligence services when it murdered Pat Finucane. If it is still involved in murder, we need to know, just as we need to know about the IRA’s role in the McCartney case and the British government’s in the Finucane case. We all need to emulate Judge Cory’s grandson. We need to make a lot of noise.

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  1. Is emulating Judge Cory’s Grandson’s behaviour the way forward ? Sounds like he needs his backside warmed !

  2. Davros

    “Sounds like he needs his backside warmed !”

    I never had you down as a human rights abuser 😉

  3. Davros

    Careful now the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission will soon have the power to search your house. Big Brother is watching you know 😉

  4. Davros prefers the kind of children who don’t get uppity, sit in the corner and dutifully do what they’re told, with their mouths shut.

    Curious, though, Davros: how do you reconcile that with voting SEA, or with your complimentary comments on McCann as ‘one of the best minds,’ etc.? Are you an a la carte socialist, the kind that will embrace egalitaranism only when it does not intrude on loyalist/unionist prerogatives?

  5. solve the problem, tell Paisely and his lot its 2005 not 1665, also tell the IRA they lost in the Civil war then start taking them out starting with the leaders and shoot the lot of them.problem solved

  6. Apologies if I went over the top, Davros, but I am curious about how you juggle these things, and it does seem to me that every time Finucane is mentioned your response is, ‘Get over it, move on.’ I read McKay’s piece as a sensible argument about why it is not possible to ‘move on’ without getting to the bottom of these issues and, in particular, the issue of colluson between loyalists and the state. Adams may eventually buckle under the pressure and accept the PSNI, but even if he does so, many nationalists will retain a deep suspicion of the ‘forces of law and order,’ and the seeds will be left for renewed confrontation.

  7. In the case of Lisa Dorrian the PSNI said speculation isn’t helpful but in the Northern and the Mc Cartney case the PSNI have constantly fuelled the speculation.

  8. Lisa Dorrian. Now where are Alasdair, Tim and Liz when they are needed?

    Can’t see there being too much criticism of the hypocritical double standards of the PSNI from those particular quarters.

  9. I am curious, does Geraldin Finucane go over to the States EVERY St. Patrick’s day or is it just
    that she went because the McCarthy sisters were going? Or is it just coincidence that they were there at the same?

  10. I’ve been highlighting the excellent book by former RTE journalist Joe Tierney, The Dublin And Monaghan Bombings And The Murder Triangle, over at United Irelander which names and shames the men involved in the Dublin and Monaghan bombings and which details the extent of British collusion in the murders.It’s incredible stuff.

  11. Gosh New Irelander! Now if only Joe Tierney could do the same about Jean McConville’s murderers!

  12. mucher:

    would the list of those culpable include any agents from state security forces who attempted to recruit her to informing for them?

  13. Ahhh the informer allegation…The nice move to hide what was really behind the Jean McConville murder – SECTARIANISM.

    Her crime was to have had a Prod upbringing (cause for suspicion number one) and shown some human compassion to a wounded soldier (cause for suspicion number two). One plus one makes an informer- thus the republican movement could re-define her as an informer, make her a legitimate target and Pilate like wash their hands of a sectarian murder.

  14. mucher,

    Mr Tierney has spent many years researching the Dublin and Monaghan bombings.He did not do all that for political gain.He is trying to expose the truth about those within British intellignce who helped loyalists massacre Irish civilians.
    He is also exposing the blissfully ignorant attitude which successive Irish governments adopted over the matter.

  15. A proposal to clear this up, Mucher: place all of the Stasi files (those that have not been burned, misplaced, lost, etc.) in public domain, including those that illuminate their role in this and other disputed cases. Without evidence, you’re only throwing around your biases. Do you have any, aside from self-fulfilling assumptions? Serious question: I’m open to being enlightened on this. Put up or…

  16. Hi Young Irelander and Spartacus.

    Sorry for not replying sooner but I go home at 5.30pm and alas no computer acess after that!
    My point about Joe Tierney is that he is free to name and shame those whom he claims are responsible for the Dublin and Monaghan bombings but is unable to do so about Jean McConville murder. About twelve people were involved in Mrs. McConville murder and seven were women so it should not be hard to find out who was responsible and to name and shame them.
    Fair-deal is right, her only crime was to be a Protestant.

  17. The Mid-Ulster LVF had close links to Johnny Adair and his cronies in “C Company” of the 2nd Battalion of the West Belfast UFF, and NOT linked to the Ulster Defence Association as a whole.

    Evidence of this could be seen when Adair’s allies did the decent right-thinking people of Ulster a favour, and fled the Lower Shankill. Locals threw paint over the large LVF-UDA “Brothers-In-Arms” mural that Adair had authorised, and destroyed any other mural depicting him as a defender of the people of Ulster…Johnny Adair, and his pals in the LVF have only one Loyalty, and that is CRIME!

  18. As for the LVF being involved in the murder of young Lisa Dorrian.

    I admit that nothing would surprise me about the LVF drug-trafficking, no-brained thugs, and I could never be accused of supporting them or their detrimental effect on loyalist communities, but I think that the graffiti that sparked this accusation was carried out by kids who wanted to give a two-fingered salute to an organisation that they have had run-ins with in the past, and was not based on any firm evidence as such.

  19. mucher

    “My point about Joe Tierney is that he is free to name and shame those who he claims are responsible for the Dublin and Monaghan bombings but is unable to do so about Jean McConville’s murder.”

    Mucher, Mr Tierney has spent years of his life exposing loyalist/British state collusion.It is a non sequitur to conclude that Mr Tierney therefore finds the murder of Jean McConville to be justifiable because he himself hasn’t investigated the McConville case.

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