Sisters receive 'death by knife' threat

The Daily Mirror reports that one of the McCartney sisters has already had a death threat.

According to Angelique Christafis:

The handwritten letter which claimed to be from the IRA and Sinn Féin, told the sisters: “You will all die in time,” adding they were on a hit list and would not be shot but knifed. Enclosed with the letter was a photograph of the sisters, which had been smeared with excrement.

  • spirit-level

    Quite possibly someone of the mind of ulsterman could have done this, I mean he’s got close to saying that kinda thing here on sluggers, and yellow-carded.
    I mention this before people jump to the conclusion that its from the IRA or even IRA apologists.

  • beano

    Before I read your comment, spirit-level, I immediately wondered if it would be some loyalist pea-brain out to cause trouble. Who knows? I doubt it would be the Ra TBH. I know they’ve made some big blunders lately but it would take idiocy on a huge scale to do something like that.

    It could have been either a loyalist or a republican, either way, it was probably some 14 year old kid who decided he’d do something noble for his country.

  • ricardo

    They showed the note on the news last night. A 14 year old wouldn’t be near it – I reckon we are looking at a 10 or 11 year old.

  • paddyjoe

    i think even a 14 year old would know the difference between the spelling ‘no’ and ‘know’

  • cg

    “i think even a 14 year old would know the difference between the spelling ‘no’ and ‘know'”

    Must be from Belfast 😉

  • beano

    I take it the note was shown on tv and the kid f**ked up the spelling?