Sinn Fein would win according to UTV poll

At least that’s the way it is at the moment. This UTV online poll is nothing more than random straws in the wind, but it’s currently putting Sinn Fein on 56% and a McCartney sister on 37%. For once on the UTV site, the comments are worth perusing to pick up to the ambivilance felt by some nationalists over the apparent politicisation of the McCartney campaign. Mind you, the previous poll reckoned Ireland was going to stroll the Six Nations!

Thanks to John for the heads up!

  • Ireland Today

    Reading the comments from Sinn Fein supporters complaining that the McCartney sisters are politicizing their brother’s death and how Sinn Fein used the deaths of hunger strikers to get Westminster seats I think how they are nice ones to talk.

  • dave86

    The family of Robert McCartney are trying their best to make sure their brother/son/partner doesn’t become just another forgotten victim. And if that involves Sinn Fein spending some time on the defensive, so be it.

    Even if they only manage 37%, that’s still something to shout about.

  • Circles

    Nonsense Ireland today – thats a completely wrong reading of what happened. And a completely cheap shot

    The fact taht Bobby Sands was elected makes it quite clear that not a single hunger striker had died when the idea came up to run for election. It was a tactic to try and apply pressure on Thatcher to bend a little. It can’t be compared in anyway at all to the current situation with Robert McCartney’s sisters

  • beano

    From the comments:
    “is this (what started off as a very justified campaign) turned into an egotistical publicity trip funded by anti Sinn Fein elements.. I know that the vast,vast majority of Nationalists now see it as that anyway!”
    I doubt this is the way any of the nationalists I know think. This sort of attitude disgusts me. Does this guy really think the McCartneys are on an “egotistical publicity trip” out to get SF? These people are republicans and up until they killed Robert were probably SF supporters and voters!!

    “SF has campaigned tirelessly to bring about justice for the Finucanes”
    But that gave them a stick to beat the British government with, didn’t it! The question now is to SF really care about the people involved, or is it manipulating them the way they claim others are manipulating the McCartneys. Stinks of double standards to me. Campaigning for victims of loyalist/British killing is a fight for justice. Campaigning for victims of republican killings is manipulating the family to help an anti-SF agenda.

  • Circles

    You should be posting by UTV fella ;o) – please don’t be lowering the tone here

  • beano

    Sorry circles you’re right, of course… just couldn’t face 10 pages of that rubbish!!

  • spirit-level

    Circles you suprise me, beano is correct!

  • Circles

    Thats neither here nor there spirit – its the tone I’m talking about. Don’t want to be snobby but sometimes the UTV discussions are of the “aye right”…”aye right yerself” variety, which are enough to drive my head aginst my desk at high speed.

  • slug9987

    I see that efforts are afoot to ensure that the poll goes SF’s way.

  • Circles

    Some people take things too seriously – I mean its only a UTV poll for goodness sake.

    The only comfort is that the 4 people that read and contribute to that notice board have probably already posted (10 times each).

  • J Kelly

    The very question on this poll proves what people have been saying that the Mc Cartney Campaign is being manipulated by those opposed to Sinn Fein. I fully support their campaign but come the election I will be voting for Sinn Fein.

  • beano

    I’m not quite sure how the question proves that – it just proves that the McCartney sisters could be a threat to Sinn Fein’s votes. To me that doesn’t mean they’re being manipulated and the more I hear Sinn Fein cry that that’s what’s happening, the more I think they’re running scared. Is it that surprising that someone campaigning on a justice/anti-violence platform would be popular. Maybe, just maybe, the nationalist community are tired of being the used as an excuse for IRA violence? Maybe now that the moderates (and undoubtedly even some less moderates) feel they have some reason to vote, Sinn Fein are worried they won’t coast home just by out-greening the SDLP?

  • fair_deal

    The family has already announced it will not be standing in the General Election. One sister will stand in the local government election. This poll just about sums up the poor standard of UTV journalism.

    I can still remember the Ked Reid’s reply when asked if there was any significance to the UUP holding its leadership election in the Ulster Hall to which he replied “Ouch not really”.

  • Henry94

    This might be a naive suggestion but what would people think of a referendum to run along with the GE calling on all armed groups to remove themselves from the scene.

  • beano

    “This might be a naive suggestion but what would people think of a referendum to run along with the GE calling on all armed groups to remove themselves from the scene.”
    By armed groups do you include the PSNI/ UK armed forces?

    Just trying to pre-empt any sinners and show this is the sort of reasoning you’d have to contend with before such a referndum, or else deal with after the result when the IRA announce that they’ll be happy to “remove themselves” once the British army, PSNI (and British people?) do the same.

  • slug9987

    Henry-a good idea.

  • Circles

    Going a wee bit far there with the British people crack methinks. But having walked home from school as a kid with a gun trained directly at my face by a guy 5 years older than me standing maybe 30 feet away – and this on countless occassions – I would (and just call me foolish if you will) include the British army and even police in this.

    And not even as a shinner trying to pre-empt (cos ye’d be wrong if thats what ye thought), but as someone now who is seriously pissed by the fact that those guns are still knocking about, years afterwards.

  • beano

    Dear God. Please tell me this was a good number of years ago. My point is that it would leave unionists feeling very vulnerable if even the army went before the IRA’s activities were well and truly wound down.

    I’m not sure your exact position on the police here.. I presume you’re not suggesting disbanding the PSNI – or is this too big a presumption?

  • Henry94

    People can’t vote the armed groups away but a referendum would make it very clear what people wanted.

    I would certainly not make any exception for the British Army.

    I assume we all want them off our streets.

  • Circles

    God no – don’t disband the PSNI!!

    They’re far from perfect – kind of a work in progress – but we absolutely need an effective police force to save us from ourselves, and they’re the only show in town. But I don’t think the carrying of guns should be standard police practice – that has to go too at some stage very soon.

  • slug9987

    I had assumed it meant paramilitaries only.

  • beano

    I agree to the point of having the army off the streets, I don’t think there’s a need, in the present situation, for routine patrols.

    I do however think that there should be a maintained presence to deal with bombscares etc. I also don’t think the PSNI patrols can afford to be unarmed with the situation as it is at the minute, ie SF’s rejection of the police force as a whole, and therefore a percentage of republicans who feel attacks on them are justified.

  • beano

    I did too at first slug, maybe I’ve heard too much SF propaganda, but it’s fairly obvious that they want us all to consider the British army equivalent to terrorists and I presume that would be their initial reaction to such a proposal, since it’s their usual excuse for the IRA not disarming.

  • slug9987

    beano – well spotted, its fairly pointless to discuss then, since obviously that equivalence between the Army and an illegal armed group could not be tolerated and no such referendum would happen.

  • Henry94


    it’s fairly obvious that they want us all to consider the British army equivalent to terrorists

    You don’t have to believe that in order to want them off the streets. Do we have to agree on the past inn order to agree on the future? I hope we don’t or we’ll get nowhere.

    But I see the problem. Unless the British Army is excluded then unionists won’t vote for it but if they are excluded nationalists won’t.

    So it won’t work.

    What about a referendum affirming the commitment of the people to exclusively democratic and peacful means.

  • slug9987

    “What about a referendum affirming the commitment of the people to exclusively democratic and peacful means.”

    This came under the Agreement referendum and seems a bit boring anyway – who is going to campaign against?

    I am not a fan of referenda without a specific legislative or constitutional implication.

    We have the European Constituion referendum to get our minds around. I still can’t see why I should vote for that.

  • slug9987

    …by which I mean, I can see the reason for a referendum on the EU constitution but I can’t see why I should vote yes. Predicting a big no vote.

  • DXI

    What surprises me is that this result should surprise anyone. waht is it that some people don’t understand about the unacceptability of the RUC?

  • fair_deal

    “waht is it that some people don’t understand about the unacceptability of the RUC?”

    How’s about its difficult to understand objections to an organisation that doesn’t exist?

  • cg

    It exists in all but name and badge

  • beano

    And recruitment policy. And the training has changed to that they spend more time learning human rights than policing. I could go on…