Sinn Féin wields mandate as lethal as M-16

Tom Kelly argues that under Sinn Fein leadership, Northern Irish nationalism is rapidly falling into aping the bigoted political outlook of Loyalist paramilitaries. “The Provisional movement has successfully mirrored loyalism not only in fanning the flames of sectarianism but also now in commissioning acts of criminality”.

He further asks why the sudden outcry against the McCartney killing when so many others have flown under the international radar?

Since the ceasefires, by donning a veil of democracy Sinn Féin distracted the democratic world from the reality of Provisional criminality and the smell of sulphur. These days some of those who feted the Sinn Féin leadership and wet nursed them into the mainstream political process are having restless nights; though some through personal vanity still don’t see the magnitude of their actions.

The only consolation of being duped by the Provisional movement into believing they were buying into democracy is that they also duped many of their own followers – even if that reality has not dawned on some of them yet. For the majority of the nationalist community there never was any romantic notion about murder and the representatives of mainstream nationalism were unambiguous in condemning any notion that murder could be somehow justified.