BBC NI to take large job cuts

Ninety eight people are to have their jobs cut in BBC NI. The plan is to use the cash saved to invest in new regional programmes. Overall the BBC cuts will include “420 in news, 66 in sport, 150 in drama, entertainment and children’s programmes, 735 in the regions, 58 in new media and 424 in factual and learning”.

  • slug9987


  • fair_deal

    I know this represents person not ball but might I make a suggestion where to start on redundancies, two words – Anne Carragher.

  • Bob Wilson

    Would have to agree with Fair Deal – any Chief Exec who is short sighted enough to let her workforce rapidly grow and then cut it back drastically – incurring huge pay offs in the process – has obviously failed

  • beano

    I never liked Stephen Nolan 😉

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Can Carragher really be blamed for a central BBC policy? It’s not her fault the Charter’s up and the BBC has to pretend to behave for a while.

  • spikemill

    Certainly the cull should begin with the “celebrities” in front of the camera (or microphone). Who wouldn’t want less of George Jones, John Daly, Hugo Duncan, all of the Hole in the Wall Gang / Give my Head Peace lot etc..?

    Now Stephen Dolan is not that bad, but we could do with a slight reduction from the widescreen version we have now down to a more acceptably sized model.