SDLP launches proposal for united Ireland

The SDLP has launched its blueprint for achieving a United Ireland within the terms of the Good Friday Agreement.

Under its blueprint a Northern Ireland Assembly would remain with all its cross-community protections, but as a regional parliament of a United Ireland rather than the United Kingdom.

  • vespasian


    I am a small ‘u’ unionist i.e. I believe that membership of the UK is in my best economic interest, I am not a large ‘U’ Unionist i.e. a member of a Unionist party.

    There are unionists throughout the UK although they may not support Unionism in Northern Ireland.

  • slug9987

    Bob Wilson

    “I think there is little or no evidence of this ‘haemorraging of Protestants’ any ‘haemorraging’ is cross community!”

    The statistics back you up. They show that there have been slightly more people going from GB to NI than vice versa in the last 3 years. The 2001 Census showed that the people moving from GB to NI are indeed cross-community.

    Currently in the UK there are quite big migrational effects going on. There is a lot of immigration from outside the UK into London. There is also a of of migration from London to other places, Scotland, Wales, and to a lesser extent NI. This is probably because the extra crowding in London is making it expensive to live there and many people are moving elsewhere as they get older.

  • slug9987

    While I remember, for the year ending June 2004 for some reason there is a surprisingly big net migration from Scotland to NI going on which (if I remember right) is bigger than the net migration from England to NI – though previous years were different in terms of the compositions. You can get this data from national statistics – linked down the RHS on Slugger as GB Statistics.

  • smcgiff

    ‘There is also a of of migration from London to other places, Scotland, Wales, and to a lesser extent NI.’

    I’m fairly certain the Scots were recently complaining about the significant migration out of Scotland. Are they all going to NI?

  • Alan2

    “Anyhow believe leaving (temporarily) isnt a bad thing – indeed I think it should be compulsory!”

    Absolutely. A bit of travel or even just go to Birmingham or London for a while and see what REAL multi-cultural society is like and you will see how petty sectarianism and racism really are. Also makes you realise that if anything you should be concentrating on positive aspects of your culture and heritage and not concentrating on bringing down others culture and heritage. Live and let live.

  • Tom Griffin

    I agree with Slug9987 that there could be a Westlothian-type problem with the SDLP’s proposals, similar to the one arising out of the current UK setup.
    Would Northern TDs be allowed to vote in the Dail on policies that only applied to the twenty-six counties?
    There are only two democratically consistent solutions to this, federalism or a unitary state.

  • George

    “I am happy to set out exactly why I think remaining within the UK is ECONOMICALLY preferable to a united Ireland. If I was persuaded that my reasoning was wrong then I would consider a united Ireland as a viable alternative.”

    Interesting, I’m sure you’ll agree that Northern Ireland has been doing rather well economically in the last seven years.

    You’ll be sad to hear though that even if it continues at this rate of growth and the rest of the UK continues as it has, it will only have the same per capita GDP as the rest of the UK by 2740.

    I believe there is a policy of British economic detachment going on in Northern Ireland at the moment which means 735 years is about accurate for how long it will take NI to catch up with the UK if things continue as they are.

    Or do you envisage NI’s ability to make its own economic decisions changing in the next 735 years? How will this come about and why does it have to happen within a UK context?