Landsdowne no longer an (Irish) lion's den

Had enough bad news about Ireland’s rugby washout on Saturday? Well Brendan Fannings been brooding about how Landsdowne Road limited seating is being bought up by wealthier away fans turning it increasingly into an away ground. He doesn’t see prices dropping with the new 50,000 seater. Indeed one of the revolutions of the big Italian stadia like the San Siro, is that’s it’s brought cheap seats to big sport. Now, there’s always Croker!

  • Henry94

    DUP man says ‘Irish’ should be dropped from Lions title

    A DUP councillor from Belfast has complained about the inclusion of the word ‘Irish’ in the name of the British and Irish Lions rugby team.

    Nelson McCausland said he had written to the rugby authorities to express his unease at what he described as “political correctness run amok”.

    He said the team had for decades been known as the British Lions, but the name appeared to have changed in recent years to include the word ‘Irish’.

    He said the team was drawn from the British Isles and should be known only as the British Lions, despite the fact that 11 of this year’s squad are Irishmen.