"We Will Have Justice"

Today’s New York Post carries a forthright article by Paula, Catherine, Gemma, Claire & Donna McCartney and Bridgeen Hagans – “We Will Have Justice”

They are highly critical of Sinn Féin’s public statements of support for their campaign –

Sinn Fein and the IRA say they did order them to go forward. But those who did exercised their right to silence — they were ordered to go forward, but told to say nothing.

We believe this is nothing more than a stalling tactic in hopes that the whole story will peter out. We believe Sinn Fein are saying one thing to the journalists and the governments — telling them what they want to hear — and saying something else to its membership.[emphasis added]

We feel a conspiracy of silence has developed, that some kind of pact was taken that night. We feel there is a lack of will, not ability.

And on their journey so far –

We believe President Bush and the other American politicians share our goal, that they want to see a result and believe that a resolution to Robert’s murder will not only bring justice to our family, but also justice to Ireland.

In the meantime, our campaign for justice goes on. It started in the streets and has gone all the way to the White House. Now it has to go back to the streets again. There is no way on God’s earth that we will forget this.