The Death of the IRA

Ed Moloney, writing in the Sunday Herald, contributes an astute appraisal of ‘why America has turned its back on Sinn Fein and the IRA’ – The Death of the IRAI won’t excerpt too much from the article, it’s well worth reading in full. But I will note the statement that Ed Moloney quotes, by “Sinn Fein’s most dependable and loyal supporter in America”, Rep. Peter King –

His St Patrick’s Day statement was, this year, distinctly off-message. The IRA, he declared, should disband “without delay”. He continued: “The IRA pulled off a $50 million bank robbery – followed by the brutal murder of an innocent Catholic by IRA men in a Belfast bar-room brawl. This has caused me and other concerned Irish-Americans to conclude that the IRA must disband without delay. The war is over – there is a new Ireland, north and south. It is only when the IRA accepts this reality that we will truly be able to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.”