McCartney sister not to run for Westminster…

CATHERINE McCartney has said that she does not intend to run in the forthcoming Westminster election, but that her sister Paula may run for Belfast City Council. Arriving back in Ireland, Catherine said the British and Irish governments must help in the McCartneys’ campaign for justice for their murdered brother. “It’s no good just sitting on the sidelines calmly giving support, we need action. Not just from Sinn Fein, who created the wall of silence, but also from the Irish and British governments to make sure that they do something so that the wall of silence is broken down.”

  • belfastgirl

    could some one please tell me how can anyone make someone go and give a statement about the killing.

  • belfastgirl

    could some one please tell me how can anyone make someone go and give a statement about the killing.

  • vespasian

    By creating the circumstances in which it could happen, you know the way Gerry Adams used to go on about creating the right circumstances for decomissioning or whatever was his favourite topic of the time.

    The IRA and SF should say we will take the statements and we will go with you to your solicitor or the ombudsman or whatever to hand them over to be passed on to the PSNI.

    The IRA and SF members who were in the bar should publish the statements they have given to their solicitors.

    The people of the Short Strand might then have the confidence to come forward with more than a ‘I saw nothing statement’.

  • Jimmy Sands

    Here’s a thought. How about declining to endorse as a candidate anyone who declines to co-operate fully with the investigation?

  • levitas

    Perhaps I am being naive, but I am rather puzzled as to why Robert McCartneys companion, Brendan Devine’s, evidence is not apparently sufficient to support a conviction.
    Why is mr Devine not pointing the finger at the guys who cut him up and killed his pal.

    Has Brendan Devine made a full statement, if not, why not?

    If he has surely it would carry some weight? Or is he wary of the PSNI too being only recently convicted of GBH himself?

    I am genuinely puzzled by this, the McCartney’s sisters described Brendan Devine as “irrelevant” on RTE 1 this morning , why is he “irrelevant” I gather he is pretty central to the whole sorry tale.

  • AW

    Ask yourself, given the grouping that were in the bar that night, if you lived in the Markets how good would your memory be?

    Looks like this one will blow over for Sf and it will be business as usual by the Autumn. The sisters are loosing momentum.

  • Circles

    Maybe loosing media momentum, but the people won’t forget this.

  • fair_deal

    As with the rest of the campaign, a sensible choice by the McCartney family.

  • Pierre1

    Being English I am ashamed that our Government is not more forceful in bringing the offenders to justice. I would like to make contact with the
    Mc Cartney sisters and make a suggestion that we could help put pressure on the Government by using the resources of another political party.
    A launch will be taking place soon on Crime and Terrorism and would glady welcome them to the launch. This will cause further embarrassment to the government in Westminster and as it is close to election maybe it could work to their advantage. Can anyone give me some line of communication with the sisters?

  • PaddyCanuck

    Try Liz McManus, the SDLP, or Anthony McIntyre!

  • Jimmy Sands

    Great idea. If turning up at a tory press conference doesn’t finish them off I don’t know what will.

  • Pierre1

    Hello Jimmy
    Its not Conservative party its the new party
    Veritas (Robert Kilroy Silk)The Straight Talking Party….we think that this would then fire up the Labour, Conservative and Lib Dems into maybe supporting the sisters…..can anyone give me an email address for someone close to the sisters or some organisation
    Thanks for your response so far