DeLorean dies aged 80…

JOHN DeLorean, whose famous gull-wing sports car was built with £77 million of taxpayers money in Dunmurray before the company folded, has died following a stroke.

  • nuzhound

    Yes, the De Lorean was a failed tax-payer project, but John De Lorean was the man who created the Pontiac GTO – the most fun car I’ve ever driven. No, I never owned one, but friends of mine did and when they drank (I never drank during High Schoo) I got to drive home. There was one guy who I didn’t even like that much, but I knew he would get drunk on a Friday night and I’d hang around with him and a couple of other guys who were all right just so I could get a half an hour behind the wheel of his 1968 GTO. Pathetic? Maybe, but if you’d driven one you’d understand. {And, if your car was a 1969 Chevrolet Greenbrier Station Wagan you’d be even more understanding.}

    Here’s a little more about the De Lorean GTO.

  • smcgiff

    An amazing fall from grace, and a story of wasted talent.

  • ShayPaul


    You’re being a bit hard on nuzhound


  • davidbrew

    wannabet the coffin has gullwings ? :0)

  • Andrew Ian Dodge

    DeLorean was one of those guys that believed his own press and let it get the better of him. The GTO was an awesome car.

  • Henry94

    Killed by a stroke. That at least is appropriate.


  • Jacko

    One of the silver fox triplets gone, eh. Who next, Kilroy Slick or Bob QC?
    Both together with any luck, and soon.

  • Henry94


    That’s an awful thing to say about Bob McCartney.

  • factfinder

    Was the Delrean not the biggest bank robbery in UK. British taxpayers were robbed of over seventy million pounds.

  • factfinder

    De Lorean