Democracy alone will not abolish terrorism?

Interesting discussion beginning on Open Democracy, which contrasts Spain’s multilateral approach, to the unilateral approach of the US anti terrorist policy.

  • David Vance

    Spain’s sophisticated multilateral approach can be more easily remembered by the use of the word SQUEAK.

    As for Open Democracy’s allegd “three lessons” – is this kind of vacuous tripe de rigeur in leftist circles or has OD OD’D on pious UNophile pipedreams?

  • aquifer

    Certainly not the Brit tribal takes all version. Single level PR based on local constituencies is a fraud when every election is a wrangle about the constitution for all of NI. Totally inclusive government without an alternative opposition defies accountability. Want inclusive democracy?

    Have a strong coffee and some Danish
    … Or Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, German, Estonian, Kiwi, or South African.

  • DXI

    Yes,interesting article. But one point the author make stands out – First, there is as yet no effective, coordinated international response to terrorism.

    This is a bit like saying there is no co-ordinated response to Qwertyism. Neither term has any objective meaning. How can there be a co-ordinated response to something when nobody agrees on what it is?

  • aquifer

    Yes, that problem of definition has been bothering me for a while. It must be related to the principle of minimum force, or perhaps of individual rights against armed conspiracies. Maybe governments are blind to any consideration of means of exercising political influence other than the one that put them in power.