What else could the IRA have done?

Danny Morrison argues that the McCartney case has become a political football. “When the IRA made public that it had given the family the offer of having the alleged killers of Robert shot, there was widespread condemnation. The statement was a throwback to earlier times, to a culture we want to leave behind us. But the statement did help focus on the opportunism of IRA critics who will not specify what it is the IRA should do that it has not done“.

  • Roger W. Christ XVII

    The only people who ever thought that the IRA were expected to shoot anyone, it seems, were the chuckies. I don’t remember anyone else suggesting that the murderers should be shot.

  • murphii4word

    Is there a link to the Morrison comments? Thanks.
    Bob Murphy
    New Jersey

  • Jacko

    Poor aul Danny, still caught on the propagandist wheel, when he would much prefer writing his Mills and Boon type novellas.

  • Circles

    Still the question itself deserves to be asked – and answered.

    What else could / should the IRA have done?

    (not what they should not have done – we all know the answer to that one)

  • IJP


    Tell the legitimate authorities who carried out the murder. And disband.

    It’s not that difficult.