Sinn Fein: Union flag no place in St Paddy's Parade

Cecil Calvert, the DUP Mayor of Belfast has been celebrating his Irishness in Seattle. His big mistake, apparently, was to hoist the wrong flag aloft during the parade. Not sure what kind of questions he’d have been asked by his constituents if he’d held up the more customary tricolour! The Newsletter reports:

The DUP Mayor of Lisburn has come under fire from republicans after he held aloft the Union Flag during an annual St Patrick’s Day event in Seattle. Sinn Fein’s Paul Butler claimed Cllr Cecil Calvert should resign after he displayed the Union flag as he led a weekend parade in the American city. “The display of the British Union Jack at this parade is an insult to the organisers of the event. It will also anger many nationalists in Lisburn.”

Thanks to reader Steve for the heads up!