Kennedy accuses Sinn Féin of cover-up

The Guardian’s Julian Borger reports from the news conference yesterday held by US Senators Kennedy, Clinton, McCain and Dodd. He includes a quote that didn’t make it into the reports then, from Senator Edward Kennedy – “Standing beside the McCartneys, he told CNN: There’s no question Sinn Féin and the IRA are involved in a cover-up there.

It’s a difference between the McCartney family’s campaign and Sinn Féin’s public statements that I’ve highlighted here before, and it was most evident in the difference in responses to the IRA statement which, ostensibly, detailed the findings of the IRA’s own ‘investigation’.

With Martin McGunness claiming that –

“I think the [IRA]statement does dispel absolutely the notion that the IRA would protect or cover up for those who perpetrated the murder of Robert McCartney.”

While the McCartney family maintained their position

It is the family`s position that up to 12 volunteers were involved in the cover-up, not the offence in Market Street where up to three were involved. However it was that cover-up which prevented those who murdered Robert from being brought to justice.

Senator Kennedy now appears to have endorsed the McCartney family position and, as the headline on the Guardian report puts it – “Kennedy backs sisters and accuses Sinn Féin of cover-up”. Whether Sinn Féin responds directly to that particular comment by Senator Kennedy remains to be seen.