Unionists 'hypocrites' over McCartney death

The father of a man whose son was murdered by loyalist paramilitaries has accused unionists of hypocrisy over the murder of Raymond McCord, 22, who was beaten to death and his body dumped in a north Belfast quarry in 1997.

McCord believes the police Special Branch blocked the police inquiry into the murder to protect a high-ranking Ulster Volunteer Force informer and is disgusted over the silence from the DUP and UUP when compared with their reaction to the McCartney murder.

“Myself and other victims are absolutely disgusted over the stance the Democratic Unionists and Ulster Unionists have taken on Robert McCartney. Why can’t they look at things closer to home? They have failed the people who voted them in.”

Mr McCord, who has spoken out against the UVF men he insists were behind the merciless attack, praised the McCartney family’s tireless campaign.

“I totally support what the sisters are doing. I went to visit them at their house, I’ve been on the phone to them and I hope they get justice,” he insisted.

“But why have people within unionism stayed silent on the murders of our sons? The UVF has murdered something like 30 Protestant people since their so-called ceasefire.”

Even Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has publicly called for the McCartney killers to come forward and give statements to Mrs O’Loan’s office, he added.

“It seems to me that nationalist MPs have no qualms about fighting for their community but within unionism it’s the complete opposite. The stance they have taken, and their hypocrisy, is staggering.”