Sinn Féin taking a blog hammering

It’s continuing to move into the US blogosphere, with bloggers left and right generally giving Sinn Fein a hammering from Clear Thinkers, Ex Pat Yank, Squaring the Boston Globe, Saoirse 32, Disillusioned Kid, Martin’s Meme Machine, Foreign Dispatches, Green White and Orange, Bulletproof Dandy, Brainster (again), Sierra Sanity, The Revolt and the Revolting and Pennsylvanian in exile.

  • J Kelly

    How many of them have votes in Ireland. SF are not taking the hammering that some people might want. Bring on the 6th of May.

  • slackjaw

    A few impressions from reading the above selection, and a few other blogs over the last few days:

    ‘Mainstream Media’ is the main source for generating opinion on this matter.

    To the blog reader, this reliance on mainstream media does not inform or provide insight. It merely serves to crystallise opinion around certain key points. (The bravery of the McCartney women, the terrorist status of the IRA, how Irish America will reject Sinn Fein)

    The content of the posts is broadly consonant with the agenda of UK, Irish and US governments. The McCartney family’s need for justice has been conflated with the need for the IRA to stand down, and with the need for Gerry Adams be dealt a bloody nose by Irish America. Yet you could have the IRA stand down, and SF could lose a welter of support among Irish Americans, but the McCartney family might still not achieve justice.

    In that sense, whatever claims are made for the ‘power of blogs’, it is hard to escape the conclusion that most of them are simply agents of power themselves.

  • O’Brien

    thanks for the link mick. my feeble post was more of a general glossing over of current events for my non-irish friends here in california than actual political stance. being so far removed it’s hard to nail down all the subtleties of the situation. i pray for peace and i pray for a united ireland, and that’s what i try to share with my friends. i’m excited for the link though, and i’m looking forward to reading here more. slainte

  • Malachy

    Yes, it sure goes to show that Blogs including this one are worthless in terms of “diverse opinion”. Who needs to hear all this media-managed brainwashing from another direction.

    I’m still waiting to see some posts on the robbery in Dublin – NOT the IRA it seems. Can we not get Hugh Orde to tell us who did this one or some of the other crime around the south of Ireland.

    Maybe Hugh A´rd needs a blog. It would sure continue to help increase the votes for Sinn Fein.

  • Mick Fealty


    As Slackjaw rightly notes, first and foremost bloggers depend hugely on newsflows. The flows at the moment are big, fat and heading straight at Sinn Fein in unprecidented volume. It’s therefore not surprising that the blogosphere is also resonating with anti SF opinion.

    This either is or isn’t significant depending on whether you think the blogosphere important.

    Regardless of how you answer that question the blog phenomenon exists, and it’s big in America. Some estimate them to be about two years ahead of the UK. And I’d estimate that Ireland (north and south) is about another two years behind that.

    What’s the answer to that? Well Irish Republicans need to get blogging and talking up the news in their own directions. Otherwise you’re liable to end up simply complaining about the bias in everyone else’s opinions without expressing your own. In Slugger’s defence, you can’t blog diverse opinion if people simply won’t speak!

    I hope others will follow the excellent example of Chris Gaskin and PS. In the US, right up the last election campaign the blogosphere’s big fish predominantly (though not entirely) of the right. The Dean campaign awakened ordinary Democrats, and they haven’t looked back since.

    My own view is that regardless of an individual’s point of view, blogs are good for democracy (the collective) and good for personal freedom (the individual).

    As someone whose name I can’t quite recall said: “Let a thousand blooms flourish!” And, if the spirit moves you, that includes you and Hugh Orde!

  • cg

    Stop Mick I’m blushing 😉

  • O’Brien

    i believe that it was Mao Tse-Tung was said ‘let one thousand flowers bloom’. i also agree that republicans aught to get blogging. i think it would make a big difference in opinions being expressed and repeated in the blogosphere

  • Peter Nolan

    I think there should be more Republican blogs or bloggers. This is the only place I find SF opinion and having them expose themselves is a an eye-opening experience.

    Imagine all those years I thought that the Dail and the President were the representatives of the Irish people. Luckily Richard O’Rawe, laying out in his book his slavish and self-sacrificing obedience to the Army Council (last elected in 1921 i.e. before Calvin Coolidge) shows what a deeply strange bunch of mystical authoritarians the IRA are.

  • cg

    Peter that may be IRA policy but it is not Sinn Féin policy.

  • Young Irelander


    Are you saying then that Mitchel McLaughlin is in the IRA?

    Let’s not forget that when questioned on RTE’s Questions and Answers programme he acknowledged that he felt the murder of Jean McConville was not a crime and he acknowledged that he felt the IRA were the legitimate government of Ireland.
    The policies of the IRA and Sinn Fein are one and the same.

  • cg

    No I am not saying Mitchel is in the RA

    I am saying that Sinn Féin policy is not that the IRA is the legitimate government of Ireland, Gerry Adams made that perfectly clear at the Ard Fheis.

  • Young Irelander


    But Mitchel made it clear on the programme that the IRA IS the legitimate government of Ireland.Explain that.

  • cg

    Mitchel is not Sinn Féin policy

  • Young Irelander


    Mitchel is the chairman of Sinn Fein is he not?Are you saying the Sinn Fein chairman acted out of line?

  • aquifer


    Did they learn hard cop soft cop in Castlereagh?

  • cg


    Mitchel is the chairman of Sinn Fein is he not?Are you saying the Sinn Fein chairman acted out of line

    Mitchel is not the Sinn Féin Chairman, I suggest you get your facts right 😉

  • Young Irelander


    Did they change it at the Ard Fheis?Doesn’t matter if they did as I’m pretty sure he was Chairman when he made the remarks on the programme.

  • cg

    Yes it was changed at the Ard Fheis

    All I am saying is that no matter what Mitchel said it doesn’t alter party policy.

  • IJP

    Why did Mr McLaughlin say ‘yes’, then?

    Why did SF not categorically clarify that its Chairman was wrong?

  • cg

    “Why did Mr McLaughlin say ‘yes’, then?”

    You will have to ask Mitchel that

    Party policy is very clear on this issue and Gerry Adams clarified this point at our Ard Fheis

  • Disillusioned kid

    Thanks for the link. It’s worth pointing out though that I’m not really part of the “US blogosphere”, being based in Nottingham and having been born in Essex.