McGuinness defends Sinn Fein…

IN case you missed it, here’s Martin McGuinness on the BBC’s Today programme yesterday, denying there was a threat in his “friendly advice” to the McCartneys. Justin Webb outlines the McCartney’s US itinerary here. (Realplayer required)

  • Belfast Gonzo

    ADDS: The McCartneys will meet Ted Kennedy on Wednesday, according to the BBC, which also reports SF criticism of the police investigation.

    Who will Irish America listen to: The McCartneys, Ted Kennedy, Dubya – or Adams?

  • PaddyCanuck

    They will all be watching Bill O’Reilly or listening to Rush Limbaugh, or downing green pints.

    99 out of a hundred people in Canada and US, would not have a notion who the McCartneys are.

    Also the American factor as far as the Peace Process goes, has played itself out. Clinton did great work getting the process started, and getting the British to engage with Sinn Fein.

    The US (Dubya) has little to bring to the table now.

  • Roger W. Christ XVII

    The Shinner hive mind is now queuing up to bash the Americans – something they carefully avoided doing whenever they were still on side. Ah, bliss.

  • Pat Curley

    The funny thing is that the threat seemed more concerned about them being a threat to the politicians in Sinn Fein rather than the IRA.

  • ulsterman


    Your post has been deleted for obvious reasons. Ball, not (wo)man.

  • PS

    Surely he’s crossed the line now.

  • Richard Delevan

    Ref? Do you need a video replay?

    …McGuinness’remarks are only the beginning of the backlash against the inconvenient McCartney women. Niall O’Dowd’s piece today seems part of a pattern that’s very much in line with the Paddy Canuck we’ll just wait for the stupid Yanks to go back to sleep line – though not as far as ulsterman. Yet.

  • irelands32

    “Surely he’s crossed the line now”

    Are you referring to McGuiness there or the progressive comments made by Ulsterman?

    Do yuo never get bored Ulsterman? I know I do

  • Belfast Gonzo

    99 out of a hundred people in Canada and US, would not have a notion who the McCartneys are.

    Correct. Which is why I was enquiring about Irish Americans, the ones that pay any attention to here at least.

  • levitas

    Moderator, I would have thought that Ulsterman needs to be “moderated”-if Pat McLarnon gets a two week ban for a bit of ill tempered banter what does “Ulsterman” get for the deeply disturbing,

    “six Belfast slappers and their justice campaign for a thug.”

    This is both sexist, and libelous, as well as being gratuitously offensive.

  • Pang

    Here! here! Levitas. ulsterman: stick to the issues. If you want to try humour, please make it funny instead of depraved.

  • mucher

    Is being sexist and libelous any worse than being racist and sectarian?

  • spirit-level

    Ferral children like Ulsterman are to be pitied,
    However in the interests of standards and equality IMHO action should be taken against him.

  • paddyjoe

    Martin Mc Guinness did not threaten the women same as the IRA did not say the were going to kill the guilty men. They said “shoot” over 30 years the IRA have shot wrongdoers and they did not kill them – kneecapping ankles etc.The media just jumped on the ball, they mentioned kill or murder not once in the IRA statement did they say they were going to kill the men.As for MMcG he is warning against people jumping on the bandwagon and using the sisters to harm Sinn Fein, can anyone tell me who is paying for the trip to America? I don’t belive there was a fund set up for the family of Robert Mc Cartney, so in the absence of that,How can six working class girls at short notice just up an go on a tour of America, who is the finance behind the sisters? Could it be people with more to gain? like hurting Sinn Fein.

  • spirit-level

    Paddyjoe Pathetic! all of it.