Is theatre about society, or theatre?

Karen Fricker has a lengthy preview of Danny Morrison’s play the Wrong Man which is now showing in London. She reports that unusually for a playwright Danny is looking forward to the critical reviews. She has interviews with two directors who had previously turned it down.

  • peteb


    I thought the more relevant quote wasn’t the one from Dublin’s Peacock Theatre and London producer Kevin Wallace – “But Danny’s play wasn’t saying anything new about theatre.”

    …it was the quote from Pam Brighton, artistic director of Dubblejoint Theatre Company – “Danny hounded me to do his play, but I don’t think it’s very good.”

  • Belfast Gonzo

    There’s something wrong with the poster for the play – in the poster, the suspected informer is shown running.

    Obviously a fictionalised account then…

  • Tom Griffin

    I saw the play last night. Brian Walker’s review in the Belfast Telegraph catches the mood of it quite well.
    If you didn’t know it had been written by a former publicity director of Sinn Fein, you wouldn’t be able to tell, although it would be clear the author knows the milieu. The closest thing to a coherent political perspective comes from the RUC characters.
    The overall mood is one of war-weariness. The only sense in which it could be said to be pro-republican is that it invites one, on a number of levels, to consider the dilemmas of an IRA man.
    That will give some people pause, considering Morrison’s conviction, but it might also be what makes the play relevant.
    I found it thought-provoking, although I can see how it might appear overly familiar in Belfast.
    I imagine it doesn’t say anything new about theatre but that does strike me a slightly solipsistic criterion.

  • SlugFest

    Hmmm. I’ve no desire to see the play, as i thought the book had no real depth to it. the plot as well as the characters seemed nothing more than cliches, though it was lightyears ahead/better than his book “West Belfast”. reading that was akin to chewing on glass.

  • Mick Fealty


    “but that does strike me a slightly solipsistic criterion”.

    That would seem to be an occupational hazard of the modern theatre.