IRA "an albatross" – Ted Kennedy

US Senator Ted Kennedy, speaking after meeting with the McCartney family, a meeting that was also attended by Senator Hillary Clinton and former US presidential hopeful Senator John McCain, had this to say, as reported by the BBC

“No political party can also have an armed unit that continues violence and criminality.. We would certainly hope that the leadership of Sinn Fein… understands what an albatross the IRA is on them and for the cause of peace in Ireland.”


Catherine McCartney’s earlier comments are also reported –

Earlier, Catherine McCartney said the family’s US visit was aimed at dispelling any “romantic vision” that Americans may have of the IRA’s “struggle”.

“We are now dealing with criminal gangs who are using the cloak of romanticism around the IRA to murder people on the streets and walk away from it,”

RTE also has a report on the meeting.

Senator Kennedy said the McCartney’s presence in Washington sends a very powerful signal that it is time for the IRA to fully decommission, end all criminal activity and cease to exist as a paramilitary organisation.

Senator Clinton said she was honoured to meet the family who she said had taken an extraordinary step towards finding justice.

Earlier, the US special envoy to Northern Ireland, Mitchell Reiss, said his country would do everything it could to support the family.

Mitchell Reiss was speaking after a 40-minute meeting with the family. He said he stood with all Americans in his admiration for courage and determination of the McCartney family to get justice.

Update – Audio, and (jumpy)video, clip of the the news conference held after the meeting.(Click on the Video link, then on the “Senator fiercely criticises IRA” link in the bottom right hand corner of console for the full news conference clip – Real Player 7:30mins)

Worth noting are the comments by Senator John McCain – “we say to anyone who has any ideas that the McCartney family are not doing the right thing or [would] discourage them from doing so – Don’t”. (Sounds like a warning to me.. around 3 mins in)

The news conference clip includes the comments from Senators Dodds and Hilary Clinton as well as Catherine McCartney.

Also a news report(click on Video link), which includes a brief response from Gerry Adams to the Senators’ comments (Real Player 2:24mins)

  • ulsterman

    Hang on one minute. The latest IRA violence is nothing knew. It was not a one off.Senator Kennedy and the other Papist lovers in Washington need to get a grip.

    The only solution is to send in the SAS to finally put an end to the IRA.

    God Save The Queen.

  • slackjaw

    If Kennedy’s allusion is to Coleridge, it is worth pointing out that it was the albatross that was shot. It appears that this particular albatross can shoot back.

  • Clady Cowboy

    I’m sure Coleridge didn’t take nearly as much drugs as ulsterman evidently does…

  • cg

    It isn’t drugs CC, UM lives in a Unionist Nirvana πŸ˜‰

  • J Kelly

    The only solution is to send in the SAS to finally put an end to the IRA.

    Are they not too busy murdering Iraqi’s.

  • Will

    unfortunately ulstermans usual deranged rantings have allowed people to stray somewhat off the topic…

    Maybe its more comfortable than the thought of that albatross shooting back πŸ˜‰

  • Clady Cowboy


    The unionist population of Ireland has been an albatross on the majority of people on the island directly to your east.

    Only the rightwing hubristic Brittanists providing a counter-balance has saved this particular albatross’ sorry ass…

    …oh, i want the IRA to stand down, we can always start it up again if loyalists resume their pogroms in 30yrs time

  • Roger W. Christ XVII

    Cowboy, the IRA has never been able to stop loyalist pogroms. Instead it stuck to blowing up or shooting civilians and uniformed soldiers most of the time.

  • Clady Cowboy


    The IRA murdered people which is to my better part unjustifiable but then Cromwell slaughtered more in a day than the PIRA has over decades.

    PIRA wasn’t around when the fisrt pogroms of 1968 erupted, none have happened since the existence of PIRA, maybe a co-incidence.

    I’m more interested in hearing from Will and his albatross

  • Will

    My albatross is in hiding after a PIRA death threat was put upon it….. It was told to leave the country within 24 hours or it would be dealt with and no invitations to return by Martin McGuinness will be accepted….

  • Clady Cowboy


    Its my first time on this website, i’m sorry if what you allude to is true,its unjustifiable.

    There is no justice in Ireland. Good night