"We're not stupid women" – McCartneys

While the BBC report divides the quote up, UTV carries it in full – responding to Martin McGuinness’ comments, Catherine McCartney said, “We have to be very careful that we`re not being used by anybody and that includes Sinn Fein and all political parties, we`re not stupid women… We get the impression that someone thinks out there that somebody`s behind this, pulling our strings. The only person behind this is our Robert and he is the person pulling our strings.”[emphasis added]

  • Richard Delevan

    Well spotted. Couldn’t find a transcript. Gemma McCartney was on RTE Morning Ireland (audio link here) making similar statement. McGuinness was also on, responding to the response, here. He denies he was threatening them. But a polcorr I spoke to this morning said the radio doesn’t do justice – he saw McG on telly making those comments. The threat, if there was one, is in his eyes. For whatever that’s worth.

  • Davros

    I saw a clip on TV Richard – and I agree, there was menace.

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    Good god this is getting bizarre, even the amateur psychologists are crawling out of the woodwork.

  • slug9987

    You really have to hand it to them.

    This is a David and Goliath story. The McCartney family have all the resources of … an ordinary family. All they have is each other. In many ways they are incredibly isolated.

    They are up against professionals. They are up against vested interests. They walk a minefield every day. Every day they face risks of being exploited and discredited by a range of interest groups. They went to the Sinn Fein conference. They ran the risk of being captured. They go to Bush. They run the risk of being misrepresented: on 5 live someone from Belfast texted in to say they were publicity seekers.

    They are incredibly brave. Everyone likes a David and Goliath story. Their demand for justice resonates. They run risks with it. They are fighting professionals.

    In the end they are the little people and the big people that are threatened by them will use all available weapons to stop them.

    They have amazing courage to take on the IRA. I think everyone can see that.

    It helps that they are women. Somehow that makes it harder for their opponents.

    I would be amazed, however, if they get justice for Robert. In the end the little guy always gets screwed by the vested interest groups.

  • Davros

    pat- if someone with his track record told you to be careful, would you be worried ?

  • Pat Mc Larnon


    if someone with his track record told me to be careful not to let my campaign be used by others for political purposes (funny how the emphasis changes when it is accurately quoted) then in all likelihood i’d see if there was any merit in what he had to say.

  • slackjaw

    For those who believe that McGuinness was issuing a threat (the eyes have it, apparently): precisely what course of action do they think he was threatening?

  • Alan2

    It`s worth noting that the McCord family who`s son was shot by the UVF are accompanying the McCartney family to the USA. Perhaps they should both stand for election.

  • Alan

    I’m sure Adams and McGuiness are wishing it was Friday already, at least then they could hide away for a while.

    They certainly seem to have lost the plot a bit with Adams saying that Clinton organized a better gig, and McGuiness on GMU this morning seeming unable to say that the McCartney murder was a crime.

    Even amateur psychologists know that the best way to tackle stress is to rid oneself of the causes -in this case, the IRA.

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    Raymond Mc Cord has already stood for election. At the 2003 Assembly Elections he stood in North Belfast and garnered just over 200 first preference votes.

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    Amateur psychology is like the ink spots one is ask to interpret. Everyone sees something different.

  • Jimmy Sands

    If he tells them it’s safe to come home, then they should worry.

  • levitas

    No its not his eyes that I find threatening, its his hair-cut, so rough and curly and “butcher-boyish” still, sure you can see from the general cut of his jib that he ‘s dangerous. And what is more sometimes he chooses to wear some loud shirts….Some of you people need sedating, the anti-provo feeding frenzy is softening your brain cells.

    “Giftgrub” had a great crack at the anti-provo hysteria in a spoof sketch where a tabloid “expert” set out to prove that the shinners were behind the dodgy durex currently on the market…..and made about as convincing a job as all the other jobsworths working on this sort of anti-IRA speculation.

    Just goes to show lads you can push a thing so far that in the end you just start to make eejits of yourselves.

  • Roger W. Christ XVII

    Slackjaw, the threat is pretty obvious – SF will withdraw their “support” (if you could call it that) for justice to be done on the murderers and turn their propaganda machine on the McCartney family. They won’t tolerate people coming out of the left field and taking votes from them.

    If I were the McCartneys and I wanted to make my point in this way I’d stand in each of the four seats in Belfast. West Belfast in particular would be interesting.

  • snout-taken-snout

    In responce to the post from Alan – surely getting rid of the IRA will be an attack on democracy itself?

  • Belfast Gonzo


    Just goes to show lads you can push a thing so far that in the end you just start to make eejits of yourselves.

    True. You should hear other people go on about securocrats.


    [/end whataboutery]

  • vespasian

    I seem to remember a proramme – maybe the Cooke report – where it said McG was complicit in 30 murders. This has never been challanged by him in any court.

    So I would be worried.

  • Alan

    “In responce to the post from Alan – surely getting rid of the IRA will be an attack on democracy itself?”

    I assume that is your tongue sticking through your cheek, if not,do explain.

  • Circles

    I don’t think the McCartney sisters visit to the states and Mr George is actually going to help them at home at all – and can actually see the logic in McGuiness’s statement.
    In fact meeting George Bush (see Iraq war, simplistic cowboy, oil addict …) is seen as “bad craic altogether” – as his commitment to justice and human rights leaves a little to be desired. More than just the headcases are beginning to grumble about it.

    Maybe they’re not being manipulated, but playing to the home supporters they most certainly aren’t