Sinn Fein hands DUP a political coup?

Brianster’s picked up another important detail in the current white out for Sinn Fein the media. The world now looks upon Ian Paisley as a reasonable politician – even stalwarts of Sinn Fein like Peter King. It’s not as if his party hadn’t been quietly working away from it’s historical association with the more fanatical end of Loyalism. But few in the party expected that Sinn Fein would gift them such a political coup. As one senior party insider put it to Slugger, “you couldn’t make it up!”

  • ulsterman

    Well its great news for Ulster. The final defeat of Rome that was began in 1690.

    We the Ulster Protestant won a great victory. The Papists will soon learn who the masters are. They can emigrate to the Republic of Ireland are learn subservience in Ulster. This time the lesson of history will be learnt. We must never again let our guard down. O’Neill in the 1960s let his guard down and was walked over.It wont happen again.

    No truck ever with Rome are Dublin.


  • Richard Delevan

    The quote is at the end of his Sunday phone interview with RTE’s This Week, audio here. Linked yesterday (along with some other choice bits, like that London is going to end the exemption on foreign donations that’s allowed SF to keep raising money – as early as this week) here.

  • fair_deal

    The past few months have seemed as if Big Ian has been busy every sunday at the Ravenhill with a Unionist prayer and every week it has come true.

    Despite the mishandling of the events by republicanism Unionism cannot afford to lie back and chortle there is still work to be done.

  • DessertSpoon

    The world may see Paisley as reasonable but it’s all relative to the unreasonableness of Sinn Fein to accept that we are all tired of the “armed struggle” and that they should have a word with the IRA and tell them to shuffle off.

    Don’t be fooled – Paisley and the DUP are as one eyed as a referee at an England Ireland Rugby match.

  • Alan2

    I note Sunday Life reported Sammy Wilson as saying DUP voter`s should transfer to the McCartney sisters if they stand in the election.

  • Gummo

    I think that’s one of the areas the Mc Cartneys will have to look at if they enter politics.

    Oops! I hope that didn’t seem like a threat.