McCabe killers statement

Daily Ireland gives some space to the statement from the men convicted of the manslaughter of the Garda Jerry McCabe.

the Irish government had an ‘obligation’ to release them from Castlerea Prison in Co Roscommon. ‘The Irish government have refused to do so and are now presenting our release as an obstacle to negotiations and agreement. For this reason, we do not want our release to be part of any further negotiations with the Irish government’.

  • Pang

    Interesting quote from ex-gun runner Martin Ferris

    “This was a difficult decision for the men and their families, particularly as the government had twice agreed to their release.

    Aha! Now we understand Sinn Fein’s definition of “agreement”, it’s something you offer, say it may happen if circumstances are right, but in the end do nothing about.
    This explains their record on the agreements they have signed up to.

  • Circles

    I wonder if one day anyone will ever be gracious enough to accept people for what they are rather than what they were in our wee prahvance.