Control orders for NI suspects..?

WOULD the new legislation on control orders be used against suspected loyalist and republican terrorists? The orders are kind of like ‘Super ASBOS’ “banning suspects from possessing or using specified articles or substances, prohibiting the use of certain services like the internet or phones, restricting association or communication with certain individuals, limiting the person`s place of residence or who is allowed inside, restricting movements within the UK or international travel”. Sensible security precautions or threat to civil liberties? Charles Moore sees big differences between how the British Government deals with foreign and domestic threats to national security.

ADDS: Norman Tebbit joins the charge from the right.

  • aquifer

    Do people living in IRA or loyalist areas have civil liberties?

  • New Yorker

    Dear Gonzo,

    If you are really serious about ridding yourselves of these pernicious people, you should bring in the proposed control orders to NI. You need to take some action before you totally resemble the lawless former Soviet Union. When you have organized murder gangs freely roaming your country, extra measures for a prescribed time are justified and, indeed, necessary.

  • maca

    No, I don’t like the idea, it could be dangerous. We’re talking suspected terrorists. What exactly does it take to be suspected?
    Anything without a trial is a bit dodgy in my books.

    For some reason “internment” springs to mind…

    New Yorker, at least in NI you only need to worry about terrorists or druggies. In Russia you also need to worry about the police.

  • fair_deal

    I do not like this legislation at all.

    However, the failure to apply it to this part of the UK undermines the actual bill. A terrorist can set up shop in this part of the UK to plan terrorist attacks but the powers the state says it requires are not on the statute book here.

  • Oilbhéar Chromaill

    BG is fairly sure these control orders would be used against those who are known to be terrorists. The current anti Sinn Féin hysteria and the British history on internment (and torture) of republican POWs indicates to me that this will be used in an entirely one sided and political way. I never thought ‘Northern Ireland” was a normal democratic state – this legislation will turn it into a police state.
    What’s amazing is the open arms pseudo liberals such as BG are extending such legislation, laws which would be the envy of the Soviets or the Nazis.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Oilbhéar Chromaill

    What the hell are you talking about?

    Are you deliberately misrepresenting my post, or what inspired you to say that I am welcoming anything “with open arms” in my blog entry?

  • George

    New Yorker,
    “You need to take some action before you totally resemble the lawless former Soviet Union.”

    The irony is that such laws wouldn’t be out of place in a 21st century Soviet Union.