Adams IRA Commander 'myth' takes hold in US?

In an indication that the rules of the game are shifting slowly, this American broadcaster in Cincinnati, Ohio bills Gerry Adams as a reputed IRA Commander in the US seeking support. This is something Adams strenuously denies. But it seems that some commentators are working with the accusation rather than the denial.

  • New Yorker

    Dear Mick,

    We believe the word of Michael McDowell, Justice Minister of the ROI. Mr. McDowell’s statements in this regard have been in the media over here. When the Justice Minister, Mr. McDowell, of the ROI states it,it is equivalent to QED for us. The same goes for the statements of Mr. Bertie Ahern

  • Alan McDonald

    The Associated Press piece linked to was written by Shawn Pogatchnik who used to be the favorite whipping boy on all the RM forums for linking SF and the IRA.

  • Henry94


    When you say ‘we’ who are you speaking for? Are you posting in some kind of representative capacity or just expressing your own opinion like the rest of us.

  • Hardy Handshake

    It’s the American right’s ‘we’ obviously. The only reason the likes of King and Kennedy and Reynolds and Hume and Ahern and Mowlam and Trimble and Blair and all the other sad sacks who dealt with Adams in he first place was precisely BECAUSE they imagined him to be Mr IRA, bit late for bogus moral scruples and feigned outrage at the guy’s possible/probable involvement with the uppity militarists with a few psycho hard-men mobsters in their midsts…or have they double bluffed and finally decided that the SF electorate actually counts for something approaching democracy ?

    If voting changed anything they’d abolish it, wake up SF voters, you’ve been had. Wake up America, you’re having us all on. Adams, get out of politics for your judgment’s shocking.

  • Moderate Unionist

    A little snide remark Henry. Just enough to deflect us from the subject. I think New Yorker makes some interesting points and no I don’t think that he speaks for the whole of the US but his perspective may well be representative of US thinking.

  • New Yorker

    Dear Henry,

    I am posting as myself. But you should understand that as part of the well-educated, affluent and well-connected majority of Irish Americans, my opinions reflect that large group. We often write and all read the quality papers, the NY Times, Washington Post, etc., and they are reflecting our oinions. And, the message is very clear: We have had it with indulging SF/IRA. We went out of our way, some would say against our better judgement, to bring SF/IRA into the peace process. Now it is as clear as a bright day that it was a con job on the part of SF. And, like Bertie Ahern, we do not like being taken for eejits, as you say. This country henceforth will be a very cold house for SF/IRA; only warmed by the overdue roasting Adams will get on his ill-advised trip to our shores.

  • Henry94


    It is a waste of time to try to establish who you speak for other than yourself. You might hold the view that some former Sinn Fein supporters have changed their minds but I would certainly expect Gerry Adams to have a lot more support in New York than Michael McDowell. Just like in Ireland.

    I have only ever seen contributions hostile to Sinn Fein from you so no change there.

    DeValera used to say that he only had to look into his own heart to know what the Irish people were thinking but he at least tested that assumption at the ballot box. In our most recent electoral test Sinn Fein got more votes in one by-election than the PDs did in two by-elections put together.

    They are a 3% party here.

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    ‘This country henceforth will be a very cold house for SF/IRA; only warmed by the overdue roasting Adams will get on his ill-advised trip to our shores.’

    Given that most Americans (even the more educated ones) have the attention span of a gnat, that is hardly cause for concern.
    We will see who gets ‘roasted’ and if indeed the trip was ill advised. However, it is best not to let your message go by default in any walk of life. A maxim Adams obviously adheres to.

    BTW don’t overplay the ‘what we did for you’ line, it is about as welcome as a package holiday in Guantanamo Bay.
    Some Amercians have played a very positive part in the whole process, for that they will always be welcomed and appreciated. It is also recognised that others carped from the sidelines. The fact that they now carp on here is not surprising either.