A local story with global consequences?

Every politically conscious nationalist in Northern Ireland knows the story of the Short Strand: a small nationalist community that was particularly beleaguered in the early 1970s. To a greater or lesser degree they also accept that the IRA turned around its early poor reputation in the ‘troubles’ for not protecting their own community. But the story that’s being played out there now, holds the potential to terminally damage that hard won reputation in what’s become an iconic constituency.

One woman remarks on the behaviour of some IRA volunteers:

They have been conditioned, schooled all their lives, in fear and how to intimidate. Violence and physical abuse and murder are what they know. The leader does surround himself with lapdogs and sidekicks, people who have been involved in attempted rape, paedophilia, wife battering. Racketeering. They don’t work, these people. They get up to all sorts of Mafia-type activity.

  • aquifer

    Over the last thirty years the people who have done most to protect the Short Strand against marauding loyalists 24/7, were the RUC.

    But never let the bigger truth get in the way of a good republican micro myth.

  • Hardy Handshake

    Aquifer have you ever lived in the Short Strand ? Have you ever lived in any working class nationalist neighbourhood ?

  • aquifer

    Is Defiance the same thing as Defense?

  • ulsterman

    The only thing the current campaign does is highlight to Unionists the fact that the Shortstrand was allowed to remain in the Unionist heartland of E.Belfast.

    All that is about to change. The lower Ormeau is now full of middleclass Unionists.We raised the property prices there to such an extent that the local benefit loving Papists could not afford them.

    The same will happen in the Shortstrand. The Papist benefit loving thugs there will soon be on the move. Redevelopment will mean that the Papists can no longer afford the houses.

    Oh happy days. Ulster is on the march. At last we have woken up.

    No Surrender,
    No compromise.
    No powersharing.

    Lets keep Dublin.the Pope and Republicanism running for cover.

    God Save The Queen.

  • Hardy Handshake

    Och Ulshsturr monn, you’re so darned…CAMP !!