Thugs in control of Short Strand?

That’s what they think in Australia. And apparently the men ‘ordered’ by Gerry Adams to give themselves up have no such intention: Jock Davison is not going to end his liberty over a bar fight just to make Gerry Adams look good,” said one republican source.

  • ulsterman

    Hopefully the Shortstrand will soon be mo more. With redevelopment the DSS papists are being priced out of the area.Hard working Protestant Unionists are taking over.

    Oh happy days, the Lower Ormeau is now littered with properties worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. So shall the Shortstrand go.

    oh happy days. We are on the march.
    Victory is ours.

    The Pope is on the run.

    God Save The Queen.

  • SeamusG

    Interesting slant re. Jock thumbing his nose at Adams. Also interesting insight into other countries’ freedom to print what can’t be printed here, i.e. actual names. I know nicknames have been alluded to on Slugger before but I think this is the first time I’ve seen “Dim”‘s full name in a news source.

  • George

    You misunderstand Ulsterman,

    Gordon Brown’s decision to remove the 150,000 pound cap on stamp duty relief a couple of years ago means significant parts of Belfast are exempt from the 4 per cent stamp duty level until December 2006.

    In total, 34 wards have been designated as part of the scheme including all of the city centre, the Harbour Estate and much of north and west Belfast.

    This will actually boost the city’s attractiveness for southern investors.

  • GavBelfast

    Of course, in a weak moment a few days ago, ‘Ulsterman’ finally outed himself as a republican, confirming the suspicion all-along of many that he is a charlatan seeking to heap mockery on unionism by continual and inane drivel.

    Isn’t that right?

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    Well done Ulsterman, you seem to be able to go about your business with apparent support of the moderators of this site.
    Maybe it is the whimsical nature of your anonymous posts, or maybe it is the fact you more overtly reflect the beliefs of others. But anyway, good luck and good posting.

  • Roger W. Christ XVII

    Unfortunately and as much as it sickens me Pat McL is 100% right on this call.

  • New Yorker

    Now that the stories of what’s really been going on in your small corner of a small island are running in the media across the world, it is curious you do not comment of what the rest of the world may think of you and how you might repair your image to the rest of the world. You are, after all, totally dependant on the good will of countries outside your own patch. Do you think, for instance, that international investors will be attracted to a place where potential members of the government are bank robbers? Do you think tourists will want to go to a place where an IRA godfather can order the grisly murder of an innocent person? Do you think that once known as coming from a place where criminality is rampant and the society largely lawless, you will be welcome in civilized countries? Your apparent lack of concern about how the rest of the world views what they perceive to be the current unstable state of NI is remarkable and, in my opinion, very dumb.

  • vespasian

    New Yorker

    Why would drug dealing, murdering and thieving gangsters give two damns about what the rest of the world think? They spent 30 years trying to destroy the economy and jobs in Northern Ireland.

    They are worried about the cash they can make and the power they can wield, don’t confuse them with normal rational people.

  • New Yorker

    Dear Vespian,

    Thank you for your reply. I agree about the gangsters, one does not expect them to be too bright, although they may be sly and clever. But normal rational people, as you put it, should be concerned what effect the gangsters are having on how the world sees NI. ANd, accordingly, it seems to me, should take measures to remove them from society and repair the good image of NI. The world wide coverage of the robbers and murderers is rapidly giving NI an image as a haven for the despicable of the human race as they seem to get away with impunity. The image NI is acquiring reminds me of Russia after the Soviet Union – a place where robbers, murderers and the rest are running the place. And, that is very disturbing. Yes, we know you are not all like that, but yet you seem to put up with the situation. And, come May 5th you will have a bunch of bank robbers (or conspirators to bank robbery) running for public office. Do you see it from an outside NI perspective now?

  • ulsterman

    New Yorker is a typical Anerican no nothing twat. Off course there is no mafia in America. No one ever is murdered are killed in that land of milk and honey. Open your eyes you nutter. Every day countless number of innocent people are killed in the USA.There are countless criminal and racial gangs around.

    Ulster is among one of the best countries in the world to live in.

    God Save The Queen.

  • dave

    Re: Ulsterman, i have also notice that sometimes the mask slips therefore it leads me to think why? would someone wish to portray themselves in such poor light?

    I see the comments of the so called “Ulsterman” as republicans graping for the straw. Maybe that is due to the fact that their political views cannot stand the test of time.

    Sad that someone really believes they can fool all the people all the time?

    No one really believes that “ulsterman” is an they?

  • ulsterman

    As for letting my guard down. I dont think so. I am for God,the Queen and Ulster to my dying day.

    Those that try to say different are the enemies of Ulster.

    God Save The Queen.

  • Roger W. Christ XVII

    “Do you think tourists will want to go to a place where an IRA godfather can order the grisly murder of an innocent person?”

    You might want to speak to your government about it’s attitude to trade with China.

  • New Yorker

    Dear Ulsterman,

    I understand the medical practice of psychiatry is quite good in Ulster. I suggest you avail of a good Royal practitioner.

  • ulsterman

    Look in your own back yard new yorker. The murder rate in the usa is awful.

    all this bullshit about how great the usa is when you have to be a billionaire to be part of the government and a looney tune can steal the 2000 election and become president.

    dont start me on the corruption in the usa.

    God Save The Queen.

  • CavanMan

    You make very good points about the image of Northern Ireland,it is my opinion that the two sides do not seem to care what the ”Real World” thinks of them,Loyalist grievances/problems are not so well known to the world media,whereas the IRA are perhaps one of the best known Paramilitary groups in the world,The struggle was often perceived especially in the US it seems as IRA Versus British Army,and in some places,with the IRA as the good guys,add to this Irish America and their ability to manipulate(if necessary) the press,they normaly(not in the case of the Bank Robbery and death of Robert Mc Cartney)can spin the stories so it ends up favouring Irish Republicans.btw your comments are extremely welcome and do ignore that ”difficult” person who seems to have taken a particular liking to you on this thread 😉

  • New Yorker

    Dear CavanMan,

    Thank you for your observations. There has been an important change in opinion over here regarding SF/IRA. Whereas some over ten years ago might have viewed the IRA, mistakenly in my opinion, as freedom fighters and protectors of ghettos: Now, the dominant opinion is that SF/IRA are a well organized criminal organization with godfathers who order goons to kill innocent people. Only the mentally deficient over here will buy the old SF/IRA BS. Adams will encounter that change in opinion, I think he will be roasted over here. He will wish he stayed at home with McGuinness.

    But for all reasonable and thoughtful people of NI, that is the great majority, I urge you to consider how the world is now viewing you. Do not underestimate the affection many of us have for NI, but do not underestimate our contempt if you do not put your house in order and real soon.