'Statements to solicitors is not what is needed'

Spotted by the Brainster. Responding to the news that a former candidate for Sinn Fein in the Assembly elections was in the bar the night her brother was killed, Catherine McCartney “challenge[d] her to give a statement to the police or the Police Ombudsman”, saying – “Giving statements to solicitors is not really what is needed. The statement should be given to people with the proper investigative skills who can help to bring those responsible to court.”

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Isn’t this story significant? Surprised the comments are blank. Maybe I’m in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  • peteb

    Ah.. Gonzo.. you should know by now not to judge the significance of the story by the number of comments.

    There’s a lot of coverage out there of this story today though.

  • Roger W. Christ XVII

    She’ll have to give a statement to the Police Ombudsman at least. If she refuses someone will need to explain why SF is tolerating it’s members refusing to toe the party line on this matter.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    It was one of the issues discussed on Seven Days on BBC Radio Ulster there.

    I wonder how long it will take for the times mentioned in the witness statement to be disputed.

    Good story Dan.

  • samneilson

    It’ll be interesting to see how the Provisional movement will spin themselves out of this one. I’m sure they’ll succeed ,as usual leaving rational society here shaking its collective heads!

  • Liam

    Why does anybody think that Cora Groogan knows anything at all relating to this case?

    In fact, can anybody suggest why no charges have not already been brought in this case?

    The families know the identities of the 4 persons involved, the Police Ombudsman likewise knows the identities so presumably the PSNI also know. And Brendan Devine is an eyewitness!! What more do they need to bring charges??

    Of course, once charges are brought, the case becomes sub-judice and the media and politicians must stop all of their comments and stop using this tragedy as a political football.

    And that is the only reaosn why charges have not yet been proferred.