Reilly's first preference's look good

A moment of cheer for Sinn Fein. Their candidate Joe Reilly has done well to improve his party’s percentage from the last time out. However at a low turnout of 40%, it would be a tad pre mature to extrapolate anything over much from this count of first preference votes. It will be difficult to translate this into more Dail seats if it’s ability to attract transfers has been adversely affected by recent events.

  • J Kelly

    Its a long time to next Dail Election and in politics nothing can be taken for granted. So for now its well done Joe.

  • Young Irelander

    Yeah well done Joe.Nice loss!

    Nice to see that most of the people in Meath respect the real government of Ireland.

  • barney

    “Nice to see that most of the people in Meath respect the real government of Ireland.”

    Er…most of the people in Meath did not vote. Most of the electorate did not vote either for that matter. Of those who did, >60% voted against the coalition parties with ~95% voting against the PD’s. Joe Reilly softened a few coughs today.

  • big white dove

    Meath is split into two constituencies at the next election so Joe will have a hard job winning a seat unless all his vote came from one half of the constituency,
    The result today was a good one for SF and a very bad one for FF who will have to court SF votes in several key constituencies before the next election to secure transfers, after today expect a thawing off from Bertie & Co towards Adams & McGuinness.
    Politics is a game for cute hoores and none have ever been so cute as Bertie?
    P.s. Good to wipe the smile off manys a face today

    Up the Republic

  • George

    big white dove,
    I agree, the biggest talking point of this by-election is the drop in the FF vote.

    However, the election of an independent in Kildare still shows that even if the people don’t want FF, they equally don’t want FG and Labour.

    It looks like FF will be in power again and I can see them putting themselves in a position in the next year to hoover up the SF transfers to give them the necessary seats.

    For that reason alone, I don’t see the SF vote dropping next election.

  • barney

    But if, as George says, FF go courting SF transfers won’t they offer FF transfers as a dowry? Win-win for SF and FF. This might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. If so then expect a backlash from the PD’s scorned.

  • JC47

    It does seem from Sinn Fein’s vote in Meath that the electorate is either unconcerned by the criminality of sections of the IRA or else they can differenciate between the POLICIES of Sinn Fein and the ACTIONS of the IRA.

    The possible repercussion for Fianna Fail is that they will require an electoral ‘understanding’ with Sinn Fein if they wish to remain in government after the next election. Bertie might yet regret the ‘not on my watch’ speech.

    A similar election result in the May elections will strengthen Sinn Fein’s position on the GFA and perhaps give them further leverage over the IRA ie “our policies are working and have nationalist support”

    Finally Jock and the ‘boys’ in Short Strand won’t be sleeping too soundly from now on. The vote in Meath seems to suggest that the electorate would support,(or at least not punish Sinn Fein) for any ‘action’ by the IRA to bring closure to the McCartney murder.

  • Roger W. Christ XVII

    JC47, I am not versed in the mechanics of this aspect of politics in the Dail, but is it really true that FF are dead ducks if Sinn Fein take sufficient seats ?

    Is coalition with one of the other large parties (FG, Labour, Greens) completely and totally out of the question ? Surely getting one of those on board is easier than sticking your head in a bucket of shit.

    Interesting question for Sinn Fein too. To the republicans on this board, do you people want your party in government with Ahern after he called you a bunch of criminals ?

  • fair_deal

    1. I don’t think it was a good or bad day for SF in the Meath election mre a case of treading water.
    2. Don’t forget Kildare North and the independent win. In the last Dail election it was overlooked than those disillusioned with the long elecorally established parties in the south, who wanted to protest voted for Independent candidates in larger numbers than voted for Sinn Fein.

    How’d Joe O’Reilly do on transfers?