Ireland 19-26 France

I’ve been of the opinion that we had been riding our luck in recent matches.. today, that luck ran out.. next week – Wales.

  • Alan

    The pack were at sea on this. They didn’t contest the lineout until the second half. The French stood off the stoppages and had the extra men. But the French backs were brilliant, ready to counter attack on the turn over and with the pace to make it count.

    We don’t have a divine right to win – that’s what makes things interesting.

  • barney

    I wonder if the GAA would consider the Irish team to be good enough to play in Croke Park?

  • Whatabout

    I think neither team played particularly well. The Irish backs seemed to be standing still and didn’t have the momentum when receiving the ball, which they seemed to get less of than in recent games. The match with Wales will be interesting, but less so than if they’d won today!

  • ShayPaul

    We blew it, the french were poor, definitely up for grabs.

    Should have kicked that penalty 10 mins from time, instead of taking a line out.

    Back to the guinness …

  • Henry94

    There’s still a triple crown to be won. But we’ll have to play better.

  • fair_deal

    Vive la france