"Adams, scrambling for cover" – NYT

To coincide with the start of Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams’ non-fundraising trip to the US, the New York Times editorial “The Bullies of Belfast”[free reg req.], I think, dispels absolutely the notion that the IRA did not cover-up for the murderers of Robert McCartney.

Opening paragraphs of the NYT editorial –

After 30 years in the paramilitary trenches, the Irish Republican Army is still capable of shocking thuggery, this time a wave of crimes culminating in a brutal murder outside a Belfast pub in January. That caused Sinn Fein, its political wing, to be disinvited from the White House celebration of St. Patrick’s Day and sent its leader, Gerry Adams, scrambling for cover.

This is the least of the I.R.A.’s just deserts for brazenly covering up the homicidal behavior of some ranking members in the beating and slashing of the murder victim, Robert McCartney, over a petty dispute. It dispatched a team to wipe the pub clean of evidence and terrorize some 70 witnesses into silence. But the victim’s sisters would not be silenced in their outcry for justice.

The editorial goes on to say –

The Bush administration has called on Sinn Fein to see to the disbanding of the I.R.A. That’s not likely anytime soon. But the I.R.A. needs to take some strong initial steps, starting with shedding its activities as a criminal enterprise. Its leaders should return to a more honorable agenda and stop dancing around the promise to begin formal disarmament.

The NY Times doesn’t go into detail on what that “more honorable agenda” included or when it was being followed.

  • Pat Curley

    Overall pretty good for the Times; remember their editorial page editor is Gail Collins. They do blow a detail; the original reason for uninviting Adams to the White House was over the Northern Bank robbery, at least according to a couple articles I’ve read.

  • barney

    “…at least according to a couple articles I’ve read.”

    There’s a double decker bus on the moon according to an article I’ve read. But I don’t believe it.

  • ShayPaul


    You’ve been told before about reading the newsletter …

  • Richard Delevan

    The “original” reasons for disinviting go back a lot longer than McCartney or the Northern Bank. Collapse of the peace process, FARC, Cuba trips, failure of IRA to keep decommissioning promises, failure of Sinn Fein to join the policing board…And while we’re at it, actually, the dis/un-invited tag is boll*cks. They simply never invited this year. An invitation to the White House, folks, is not a human right. The fact that it had simply become expected is the extraordinary thing.

  • peteb


    Given the narrative that the IRA statement was pushing, followed up by the public statements of Sinn Féin, it was the “It[the IRA] dispatched a team to wipe the pub clean of evidence and terrorize some 70 witnesses into silence.” line that I thought was the most relevant.

    As I tried to suggest in the original post.

  • barney

    Gerry Adams was no more “uninvited” than that other great Irishman, Paul Murphy. If the NYT hack bothers look out his window he might just see Gerry Adams “scrambling for cover” in the self proclaimed Capital of the World, the Top of the Heap, New York/New York. Hardly scrambling to Nebraska to hide in a hole in the ground like Bush did during 9/11.

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    Why the fuss over being invited to the oil murderers ball hosted by the best ever squinty eyed soldier to land on the deserts of Atlanta? Give them the finger and go back to your roots.

  • Davros

    That’s true pat, I would have more respect for SF if it told America and Irish America what it really thinks of them.

  • Roger W. Christ XVII

    “The fact that it had simply become expected is the extraordinary thing.”

    Richard, how dare you forget that the pathetic internicine tribal warfare between moronic politicians takes precedence over every single other grave affair going on in the world. 3rd world poverty, war on terror you say ? Feck that, I want to know when my peace line is getting built, and your President better invite me to the White House to explain his lack of action on this matter, or else.

  • Pat Mc Larnon


    I have made that point a few times before. The current position of SF regarding the current incumbent of the White House is scurrilous and to be frank beyond contempt.

  • Roger W. Christ XVII

    Pat, maybe you should talk to the SF party leadership about the funds they acquire from SF’s support network in the USA. Are they making checks to ensure that people who are raising money for them are not supporters of Bush’s war policy ?

    It’s important to get this right. After all the trouble Sinn Fein went to to ensure that the UK’s ban on foreign donations did not apply to NI, you’d want to be sure that the money they were receiving was at least clean from the perspective of their political ideology. We couldn’t possibly have a situation where Sinn Fein were seen to be hypocrites.

  • New Yorker

    Whether you like it or not the White House wields enormous power over the world. I don’t care for the incumbent, but the fact is the person in that position has great effect on all our lives. That the McCartney sisters will be there and Adams will not be there is significant. Today’s NY Times editorial along with the Glenn Frankel article in today’s Washington Post signals that decison and policy makers, especially those who lean liberal, have decided that the US is now a cold house for SF. I’m amazed Adams did not stay home with his buddy. He may find the old BS will not go over here so well.

    Regarding SF money coming out of the US, the word here is that it was grossly exaggerated to cover income for SF/IRA from criminality at home. When you think about it, how many affluent Irish-Americans would be giving money to a 32 county Socalist Republic cause?

  • ulsterman

    The affluent Irish thick Americans will be no doubt writing checks to the McCartney sisters as they are feted over the St Patrick Alcoholic holiday.

    Well I suppose it will pay their mortgages and booze money for a while.

    God Save The Queen.

  • New Yorker

    Dear Ulsterman,

    When you sign-off with “God Save The Queen” is that self-referential?