Double standards and the democratic deficit…

UNBELIEVABLE! Westminster’s ‘Father of the House’ Tam Dalyell has apologised to the people of Northern Ireland after 44 Labour MPs voted in support of tuition fees for students here. A year ago, they all voted against the introduction of these fees in England. Thanks guys. We know you care, honest.

The News Letter reports:

Veteran parliamentarian Tam Dalyell apologised to the people of Northern Ireland yesterday after a controversial vote supporting the implementation of university fees in the Province.

The Scots MP was one of 44 Labour voters branded hypocrites by Conservative David Lidington after it emerged that they had all voted more than a year ago against the introduction of similar charges in England.

The Northern Ireland Higher Education Order was voted through by 250 to 116 on Tuesday night, moving it on to the next stage but not yet bringing it into law.

However, several MPs including Clare Short and Glenda Jackson admitted to the News Letter that they were unaware exactly what they were voting for.

  • aquifer

    The elitist NI grammar school system has bred brains for export for years, just look in Who’s Who. SF MLAs send their kids to Britain for a civilised education. And if the flow becomes a flood, who could blame them, especially given the underprovision of 3rd level places here.

  • PS

    Any examples for that statement about SF MLAs aquifer?

  • slug9987

    Recent figures show that only 1% of NI school leavers go to university in the Irish Republic.


  • PS

    I’d the fact that applying for the south means filling in another form is a contributing factor. Personally I was the verge of going to UCD but decided to head to QUB in the end. The cost of living in Dublin compared to Belfast would be another factor.

  • Davros

    Be honest Paddy 😉 You couldn’t bear the thought of leaving the DUP behind ! You and cg need Stalford and he needs you – same as SF and the DUP need each other LOL

  • aquifer


    “Any examples for that statement about SF MLAs aquifer?”

    At least one had a kid at college in England. Get a Telfast Bellylaugh journo to do a telephone poll and he/ she has a story.

  • PS

    I know of at least two prominent SF politicans who have family at QUB, however your entire premise is wrong. Parents don’t “send” their kids to College. Generally the University attended is the student’s own choice.

  • big white dove

    Are the SDLP not the sister party of British Labour?

  • PS

    No there’s no official ‘special relationship’ between the two. The highest I’ve ever heard it put is that the existence of the SDLP is a factor in Labour’s decision not to organise here.

  • Belfastwhite

    Another answer as to what Britain has done for the Irish only we get tuition fees and plastic bullets enough said.

  • Davros

    Remind the folks when the last time Pastic Bullets saw action In Norther Ireland Belfastwhite….