Dave Allen 1936-2005

David Tynan O’Mahony, born in Dublin, Ireland in July, 1936, better known as the comedian Dave Allen, has died aged 68. The BBC report has a link to an interesting bio of his early career and a link to a news clip.

  • Belfastwhite

    A great man who has made me laugh I will have fond memories of him

  • Circles

    Gone the way of his missing finger.
    A sad loss and a very funny man.

  • Davros

    RIP. A witty and intelligent man.

  • Nathan

    You could always rely upon Dave Allen to poke fun at the Church of Rome. I’d loved the bit when he had the pope doing a striptease.

  • ulsterman

    I dont remember him [let’s just leave it there then.. ed peteb]

  • Circles

    Ulsterman – you’re probably too young.

    I think only the adults would remember him.

  • ricardo

    He was considered to be very ‘blue’ amongst his peers. His material today probably woulnd’t even raise an eyebrow in surprise. Still, I always thought he was brilliant. RIP.

  • ricardo

    He was considered to be pretty ‘blue’ amongst his peers, by todays standards he would be anything but.

    A truly funny guy, RIP

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    He slaughtered a few sacred cows in his time and for that alone we should be thoroughly grateful.

    The sketch with the Catholic couple in bed with an orchestra in the corner of the room while they practiced the rhythmn method, well…

  • Jacko

    For some reason I can’t quite put my finger on, Ulsterman saying he doesn’t remember Dave Allen made me think of the theory about goldfish only having a memory span of 3 seconds. Strange the things that pop into your mind.

    Anyway, as for the great man: brilliant always challenging orthodoxies.

  • Nathan


    Dave Allen was the funnyman who knew only too well that the one institution you never laughed at in Irish society as a kid was the RC Church.

    It was all right to snigger at the Church of Ireland once in a while, but certainly not to laugh at the Church of Rome.

  • Alan

    He was in a class of his own, and razor sharp for his time. Think of the others who were about then – Dick Emery, Stanley Baxter and Benny Hill. His was alternative before alternative.

  • vespasian

    May his god go with him……….a very funny man.

  • Nathan
  • Pat Curley

    Very funny and unlike much humor from elsewhere, his show transported well to the US. I remember watching him on PBS for years in the early 1980s.

  • levitas

    Yeah the adults would remember him…We as kids would always hope he’d steer clear of controversy too much because I remember him getting turned off quite often, which we hated, by my mam when he pushed it a bit too far on the anti-church stuff, she was torn between supporting him because he was one of the (very) few Irish acts on the BBC and cussing him for being so anti-church and showing up the Church in front of a Brit audience, it was always a tense relationship , were we alone in this? ….But my God how times have changed!!

  • peteb


    He laughed at the institutions he knew best.. and encouraged everyone else to laugh at the institutions they knew best.