More mixed messages from Sinn Féin

An Irish Times article today quotes Sinn Féin MP Martin McGuinness in an interview on BBC Radio Foyle – The IRA’s offer to shoot those responsible for the murder of Robert McCartney was a mistake. Although, he refers to the public stating of the offer – not, necessarily, the offer itself. But he also appears to accept the IRA version of the events immediately following Robert McCartney’s murder – in direct contradiction to the McCartney family’s statement yesterday.

The Irish Times article also states that

Mr McGuinness also said that only the IRA could create the climate necessary to enable the killers to be brought to court.[emphasis added]

In an interview with BBC Radio Foyle in Derry, Mr McGuinness said too many commentators had focused solely on the IRA’s offer to the McCartney family to have those responsible for the murder shot.

Martin McGuinness also pushes the same line that Gerry Kelly did previously – and it’s worth noting at this point that the absentee from this is Gerry Adams, who, apparently, is still keeping to the line that “he had made it clear that he was not going to be an interpreter of IRA statements” –

“The IRA also go on further to make it absolutely clear that people should come forward and give information about this particular murder. Just as importantly, the statement makes it clear that anyone with any information should come forward with that information without any fear of repercussion from the IRA.”

But there is a very important element of Martin McGuinness comments to take careful note of, after the now obligatory swipe at too many commentators.. focused solely on the IRA’s offer to the McCartney family to have those responsible for the murder shot

“I[McGuinness] think in doing that they do a huge disservice to everything else in the IRA statement. I think the statement does dispel absolutely the notion that the IRA would protect or cover up for those who perpetrated the murder of Robert McCartney.[emphasis added]

That statement by the Sinn Féin Member of Parliament for Mid Ulster contradicts the statement by the McCartney family yesterday

It is the family`s position that up to 12 volunteers were involved in the cover-up, not the offence in Market Street where up to three were involved.

However it was that cover-up which prevented those who murdered Robert from being brought to justice.“[emphasis added]