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  • Cahal

    20 of the last 23 posts have been about SF or the IRA. This is getting ridiculous. Is there nothing else happening at home that is worthy of mention. The stories blogged today that are not about the IRA or SF are about television station ratings in the REPUBLIC and an anti-terrorist law in BRITAIN.

  • Mick Fealty

    Put it down to being a slow news day Cahal! 🙂

  • lo_rre

    When the Boston Globe from the heartland of were the once US Irish American support for Irish Republicanism came from writes articles like this. It looks like Gerry will have a lot of explaining to do when he goes to the US next week..

    The Bankrupt IRA March 10, 2005

    IN THE opening scene of ”The Godfather,” Don Corleone agrees that his thugs will beat up two men to provide rough justice for an aggrieved father. The Irish Republican Army showed itself no different from this fictional Mafia family with its offer to shoot the men who killed Robert McCartney in January.

    The Mafia, however, never organized a political party as its accomplice and agent. Sinn Fein, the IRA’s adjunct, cannot play the leading role it wants in Northern Ireland politics until the IRA goes out of business.

    McCartney’s sisters, who have urged the IRA to help bring the killers to justice, have wisely refused to endorse a vigilante shooting. The IRA acknowledged the offer on Tuesday when it issued a statement giving its version of the killing, which took place after a confrontation in a pub in Belfast and had nothing to do with politics.

    The IRA dominates the Short Strand — where the McCartneys live — and other nationalist neighborhoods in Northern Ireland because it, not the government, decides what constitutes a crime and deals out punishments. Acceptance of the IRA offer would provide legitimacy to a criminal enterprise.

    McCartney’s killers were going to get away with the crime because witnesses were intimidated into silence. The public outcry led by the sisters forced the IRA into the meeting and an admission that four men were involved. The McCartneys think the IRA is covering up for others. The IRA says it wants people to come forward. The proof of its intention will be the testimony of witnesses.

    In a show of sympathy, Sinn Fein’s president, Gerry Adams, invited the sisters to a party meeting Saturday. ”We know that breaking the law is a crime,” Adams said then. ”But we refuse to criminalize those who break the law in pursuit of legitimate political objectives.” The IRA justifies its existence and its crimes by saying it is trying to unite Northern Ireland with the Irish Republic. Adams’s remarks played into this rationale for violence.

    The Bush administration, to its credit, has continued the Northern Ireland peace initiative begun by Bill Clinton. Mitchell Reiss, the administration’s special envoy, was right to state plainly yesterday that if the political process is to advance, the IRA must cease to exist. It is so entwined with Sinn Fein that only dissolution can allow the party to become a fully accepted political force. If the IRA stays in operation, the Bush administration will be justified in examining whether Sinn Fein fund-raising in the United States runs afoul of US laws against racketeering.

    Don Corleone’s family never broke its ties to criminality despite generations of trying. Neither will IRA/Sinn Fein, as shown by the $50 million bank robbery last December and the McCartney coverup, until the IRA publicly and irrevocably disbands.

    Taken from here.

  • J Kelly

    Theres only one thing in politics worse than getting talked about and thats not getting talked about. I am sure other political parties would like a bit of media coverage if only they had something relevant or interesting to offer.

  • Will

    J Kelly,
    Its all very well being talked about – but not all publicity is good publicity, just ask Michael Jackson!

  • Bob Morris

    Los Angeles Times OpEd, as posted on my blog

    The IRA is morphing into the ‘Rafia’

    This L.A. Times OpEd by Anthony McIntyre, a former IRA member who spent 18 years in prison, details how the IRA has lost its way and has become a criminal enterprise and no longer fights for a unified Ireland. His website, The Blanket, A Journal of Protest and Dissent is at

    I also blogged about your “No Silver Lining” post, thanking you for your on the ground unbiased reporting helping this outsider understand what’s going on.

  • Mick Fealty

    Bob, you are a scholar and a gentleman!

  • lo_rre

    Los Angeles Times OpEd, as posted on my blog

    “The IRA is morphing into the ‘Rafia’ “

    Instead of “Three IRA men in Colombia” the next news will be “Three IRA Brigades have moved to Iraq” because they are offended Irish republicans dont want them any more.

    “These are not the car-bombing, civilian-slaughtering gangs talking: this is more like the Iraqi version of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) polishing up a Mesopotamian Sinn Fein.”

    IRA and Sinn Fein in Iraq