Women voters prefer Sinn Fein?

Full details of the Belfast Telegraph poll here. Interesting that the Sinn Fein support amongst ABC1’s has dropped significantly, whilst its female support seems to have grown. Unsurprisingly, a large proportion of protestants want to see the Assembly back without Sinn Fein.

  • mucher

    There are two types of women who vote Sinn Fein, the “little women” who always do what they ae told by their menfolk and the second kind who want to be their menfolk. The second kind can be seen at any Sinn Fein rally or event, dressed in combat gear, with shaven head, one earring and a scowl. There was plenty of the first kind at the Ard Feis this year, all dressed in nice suits and proper dresses trying to look as if they understood what was being said by the men.
    I personally blame Gerry Adams, God be with the days when Maire Drumm ran Mna Na HEireann and women were content to bang dustbin lids.

  • Jacko

    Is there any significance in your use of a lower case “p” to spell Protestants?

  • Alan McDonald


    Isn’t protestant a generic term, not specific to one religion?

  • davidbrew

    as any fule kno, the Telegraph opinion polls since time immemorial have always underestimated support for the DUP, so these figures are really sensational for the battle within Unionism. Let’s hear the UUP spin on this one, after six months of invective which would seem to have backfired spectacularly- over to you jonty

  • DessertSpoon

    Spelling mistakes, typos, grammatical differences – why do some people think they are a slight to some side or other. They are what they are. I am what I am and other Shirley Bassey Classics etc etc.

  • Mick Fealty

    One of the above. Sorry for any offence incurred!

  • fair_deal

    “the Telegraph opinion polls since time immemorial have always underestimated support for the DUP”

    I was intrigued why the BT didn’t mention this fact themselves. They did raise the issue of underestimation when interpreting the SF/SDLP breakdown.

  • Jacko

    Alan McDonald

    Yes, but normally spelled with a capital “p” – particularly in this ultra-sensitive part of the world.


    Just a bit of devilment on my part – couldn’t care less actually.