fcek – the irish connection!

Occasionally our google ads bring something useful/interesting/amusing. I’ve just spotted this t-shirt on wot4.co.uk. Well, it was slightly amusing!

  • JD

    “More Water!”

  • Roger W. Christ XVII

    I spotted these a couple of years ago in that awful gaudy souvenir tourist shop near O’Connell Bridge in Dublin. “fcek that” variations, etc, rather amusing:)

  • maca

    “fcek – the irish connection”

    Hmmm, I don’t geddit. Am I missing something?

  • joc

    Well – FCUK stands for French Connection UK.

    I think the fcek brand was challenged successfully by fcuk on being too similar, so they had to desist.

  • D’Oracle

    Hey Maca,

    I’m surprised at you!.Remember Father Ted ; big in Britain it seems -feck this that and thudder. Assume feck to be a paddywhack of f–k. OK !?

  • maca

    Yeah, I know that D’Oracle, I use it every day. It’s just the “fcek – the irish connection” which I don’t get. But I guess maybe you have to be familiar with “Fcuk” to get it??

  • maca

    “a paddywhack” not sure how to reat to that one.

  • maca

    reat = react

  • D’Oracle


    A putdown of Irish fooling about?

  • maca

    okay (i’m a bit sensitive to use of words like paddy, mick, oirish etc) 😉

  • DessertSpoon

    MACA – I think I can help here. The Company having the Michael extracted from it is called “French Connection”. Are you with me so far? Good.

    So they have rather cheekily put

    fcek – The Irish Connection

    No so much an insult as a wee joke. Not that funny but not meant as political commentary.

    French Connection / Irish Connection – d’ya geddit now???

  • maca

    Yeah yeah, I goddit after, i just didn’t know initially what the fcuk ‘fcuk’ was. 😉

  • paul

    well,.fcek it ! you’ve lost me in this discusion ! greetings from the sunny isle of wight ….great page

  • beanie

    i think the fcek t shirts r cool as soon as my told me she’d seen sum1 with 1 on i wanted 1 n i think the comment is rava amusin n ture

  • Paul

    I know the guy who sells them. He’s an absolute ****.

  • Andrew

    Well, thanks for that intelligent and well thought out comment, Paul. As I’m the ‘guy who sells them’ I’m wondering what I’ve done to upset you…….unless of course the **** stands for ‘hero’ or something similar.

  • George

    Feck used to mean to steal and even gets a mention in Ulysses. Don’t think it has the same etymology as Fuck at all at all, which is believed to be Germanic in origin.

    A bit like hurling your ring probably coming from urlaic (to throw up), and not to hurl something.