British colluded in IRA's serial law breaking

It seems not to matter that the IRA still deny they did the bank robbery. No one believes them. Michael Gove opens with a series of rhetorical questions that encompass the public difficulites of both Sinn Fein and their erstwhile military counterparts, the IRA:

HOW DID THE IRA think it could get away with it? How did it think it could plan a £26 million bank heist while negotiating a place for its representatives in Government? How did it think it could get away with the murder of Robert McCartney for so long? Why did it think it could restore confidence in its commitment to peace by promising to shoot the men in its ranks who carried out that killing? How could it imagine it could break the law with impunity and still remain a full player in the political process?

He answers his own questions with the single answer that the British tacitly colluded with all of the IRA’s illegal activities!