Are Catholics being 'economic with the truth'?

Fascinating interview with nationalist commentator Brian Feeney on the BBC Newsnight programme, cut with a lot of other interesting material. Feeney’s response to the question of Were IRA responsible for £26.5 m Northern Bank robbery in December 2004?. The polls verdict: 25% of Catholics disagree. 32% of Catholics agree. 44% don’t know.

Feeney’s verdict on the Newsnight poll: “This is a case of sectarian solidarity. They’re lying.” So the IRA did really do the bank job?

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    Did Feeney really accuse them of ‘lying’ or is that an interpretation?

    ‘So the IRA did really do the bank job?’

    Question mark and all recognised, has any evidence emerged yet. During the Cork raids we were assured that the Gardai would prove a Northern connection tio the money recovered in days, weeks later we still have nothing.
    The only money definitely recovered and that can be linked to the raid was the money found at the police club that had be placed into a wall behind tiles that had been removed and subsequently replastered (hardly a 5 min job).

  • Henry94

    The people who claim to know the IRA did it can only be basing their view on the assertions of the police. That is not a reasonable basis for claiming to know something.

    The same mindset “knew” there was a spy-ring (bigger than Watergate!) at Stormont and the Birmingham Six were guilty.

  • aquifer

    How come SF are not banging on about the money recovered in the New Forge locker rooms?

  • J Kelly

    I know this is sllightly off thread but following on from Henry94 and the assertion that a spy ring was bigger than Watergate. Yesterday it was revealed that the PSNI were losing some confidence in the Policing Board because of leaks of information. My observation of this if Sinn Fein were on the Policing Board would this be spying or leaks.

  • barney

    Mmmm, if the SLDP were off the police board then it would be “selective briefs”.