White House invitation for McCartney family

RTE is reporting that Catherine McCartney has confirmed that the family have received an invitation to visit US President George Bush at the White House on St Patrick’s Day. She also said that despite all the publicity, there has been no real progress in bringing the killers of [Robert] McCartney to justice. Meanwhile, in addition to being excluded from the White House event, NI political parties might not get an invite to the House of Representatives luncheon, the Belfast Telegraph reports a spokesman for House of Representatives Speaker, Dennis Hastert, said he still did not know if the other Northern Ireland parties will be excluded from the event but said that Sinn Fein were “definitely not invited” – we’ll wait to see if anyone gets an invite.

  • ulsterman

    Its an ill wind that does’nt blow someone good. While the death of McCartney was sad his petit criminal pass is being ignored.

    For the sisters and his so called partner to be invited to the Whitehouse is nauseating. What about all the other victims of the IRA?.There families got no White House invitation.

    The only good thing about all this is if one of them stands for the council in the Shortstrand spltting the Papist vote and defeating SF. The capital city will once more return to Unionist control.

    What a joyous month May is going to be. The Union will be forever secure. Papist representation will be reduced to one seat at Westminster. That being an old quiet Papist called McGrady.

    Ulster is on the March. Forward to the great victory. The dark force that is Rome is about to be beaten.

    God Save The Queen.