Sinn Féin would not approve of IRA shooting

Interesting (and so far abstract) political distinction here. The IRA would happily shoot those accused of the McCartney murder; but Sinn Fein wouldn’t. Mmmm.

  • peteb
  • peteb

    And, of course, I could point out that Gerry Kelly can hardly say publicly that he would approve of it.

    Although he actually says “Sinn Fein’s position on shooting is very clear, they should not happen..”

    Which, to me, isn’t that much of a change in position.

  • cg

    Of course it isn’t a change in position Pete, no one said it was.

  • ulsterman

    OH happy days. It just gets better and better. The IRA were going to act as judge and executioner. There barbarity and criminality knows no bounds. By their actions they have shown the evil they are.

    Whats the bet the SF vote is well down in May?. Perhaps Paula McCartney should stand against Adams and defeat the beardy git whose hands are awash with Protestant blood.

    Ulster must now seize the moment and wipe the IRA OUT.

    God Save The Queen.

  • Peter Reavy

    Many commentators have noted that the Republican leadership gains politically from the perception that SF and the IRA are distinct and separate.

    The differences between SF and the IRA over whether it is a good idea to shoot accused murderers are comical at first sight, but serve the movement well as far as they create confusion over who is really in charge.

  • willowfield

    The Provos play it both ways. Some days PSF and PIRA are totally separate. On other days PSF “delivers” the PIRA.

  • willowfield

    Who was it announced the Provo ceasefire again?

  • barnshee

    Childishly transparent attempts by SF to add to the “we are not the IRA” bandwagon.
    (Chief Constable says they are in the Mail today)
    SF and DUP will grow and grow NO unionist party dare go into govt with SF now.

    Divorce now repartition and resettle now