PSNI top UK Human Rights league

The PSNI has beaten all other forces in the UK, in terms of its preparation for the use of UK’s Human Rights Act 1998.

  • Alan McDonald

    For another story on this topic, see Orde unmoved by SF protest on the UTV site. It reads, in part, “Sinn Fein gatecrashed the launch of a human rights report” and is followed (as of this writing) by 19 comments from the usual UTV “commenters.”

  • maca

    So … is that good for NI forces or bad for GB forces??

  • J Kelly

    The fact that no other force has conducted such a report how do you compare.

  • slackjaw

    I was going to ask how the IRA got on but as they seem to be having a hard time of it lately I have decided not to bother.

  • lámh dearg

    And how did Community Restorative Justice do? (“Provos in suits”, as they are referred to here)

    I would expect very well as they are so selective at the “cases” they deal with, refusing to get involved with anything which might upset the Republican Movement in all its forms.