Blogging of a killing…

For months Northern Ireland was old news on the blogosphere. The Northern Bank robbery seemed to light a fuse and the murder of Bert McCartney sees it is well and truly alight. Kitty Litter’s invented a logo for Gerry Adams’s forthcoming visit to the US. Brainster’s been following every bend in the road. The Connolly Column comes from a party loyalist, who believes the IRA must end attacks on innocent people.

Other bloggers having their say include: Armed Liberal, Crooked Timber, another Beowulf, Heretical Librarian, Upper Left, Sierra Sanity, and New Sisyphus. Not all of them have obvious axes to grind.

  • murphii4word

    I support the McCartney sisters completely. However, coming to the States is a mistake. They will be used, become the pawns of right wing ideologues, to invoke support for the president who declined to invite Northern Ireland politicians to what has become an annual event here.

    Whom do they hope to seek aid from. They already have the support of the interested Irish community in the States.

    Instead they will seek the aid of a man who supports and actively pursues the torture of terror SUSPECTS. A man who currently runs a concentration style detention camp in Cuba.

    If it’s moral support they hope for they are going to the wrong man.
    Bob Murphy
    New Jersey

  • Pat Curley

    Thanks for the link, Mick!

  • kitty myers

    WOW! When Pat (KerryHaters) told me you mentioned me because of the trash can logo, I was shocked! Thanks! My first time here.

    Btw, Happy Birthday to Aidan Quinn.

  • kitty myers
  • Beowulf

    Thanks for the link, much appreciated 🙂