Wilson: vote for McCartney not me!

The weekend’s UUC meeting was eclipsed by Sinn Fein’s Ard Fheis in Dublin and Sammy Wilson, who defied critics by calling on voters to vote for Paula McCartney (should she stand for the Belfast City Council election), rather than for him. So much for not wanting a Fenian about the place!Though Sammy may have other fish to fry in East Antrim at the next General Election, which is widely expected to be held on the same day.

  • Concerned Loyalist

    I think Sammy Wilson, on behalf of the Unionist / Loyalist people, was offering the McCartney family a hand of friendship, across the political divide. It is something, as a non-sectarian but proudly Loyalist citizen of Ulster, that I support wholeheartedly!
    As for standing in her local council elections, that is an issue for Paula McCartney and her family, but if she feels in her heart that this is the best way to show the scum who purport to defend the nationalist community, that the nationalist people no longer support and are ashamed of the actions of the Republican Mafia (Rafia), then I support her and would urge anyone who deplores criminality and intimidation, to vote for her and show these people that the best thing they could do is move to “Little Sicily” and join the rest of their like-minded Mafia thugs!

  • Dec

    Ever get the feeling you’re being used? Ann Cadwallader’s article in the Sunday Business Post yesterday sums up well the widespread feeling in the Short Strand/Markets.


  • Mick Fealty

    Thanks Dec.

  • J Kelly

    SDLP deputy leader Alasdair McDonnell also vowed to back the family if they decide to field candidates against Sinn Fein. “The SDLP feels very strongly about the campaign that has been launched by the McCartney family, and supports their efforts to establish the truth and obtain justice. “If one or more of the McCartneys decides to contest the elections, then we will do our best to accommodate them. “If Paula McCartney decides to stand in the Short Strand, then we would be inclined to withdraw a candidate.”

    What happens if the McCartneys decide to stand in South Belfast and take on Alex Maskey will Alasdair stand aside.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Sammy’s statement has also been misinterpreted slightly. He’s actually asking voters to transfer to potential McCartney candidates, not vote for them with their first preference.

    Presumbly the SDLP will ‘withdraw’ its candidate when the candidate is actually chosen. The last candidate to stand in the area is now standing in another ward, and no replacement has been picked AFAIK.

    What was even less amusing was the spin/rumour that seemed to be aimed at putting pressure on prospective council candidates to stand down.

    You know there’s no point in standing down in a PR election, but making political capital out of a murder is also very low.