Morrison: abnormal society gives rise to abnormal things

Danny Morrison occupies one of the most difficult positions in Nationalist Northern Ireland. Journalists are often frustrated that he doesn’t say more than he does, whilst he often says more than his former colleagues within Sinn Fein might like. But he remains one of the few reliable weather veins for the intensely private discourse taking place inside the movement. His tussle with former editor of the Telegraph, Charles Moore in the Guardian, gives little away.

But it reflects the sentiment of some that even after the signing of the Belfast Agreement Northern Ireland remains “an abnormal society” in which “abnormal things have been done by all sides”.

At one point Moore thinks he’s spotted a future defence of the action, were the IRA found to have been culpable: “You clearly think that if the IRA did rob the bank, it would have been justified (because it ‘sends a message’)”

The interminable game of Scrabble continues!