Father Sean McManus launches blog!

According to Richard Delevan, Father Sean McManus is the first senior figure in Irish (okay Irish American) politics to run his own blog. Fair play to you Father! And congratulations on being (to our knowledge at least) the first Irish political heavyweight to commit to the online discussion! Now, what’s holding up the rest of you?

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Is McManus really regarded as a ‘heavyweight’? Not wanting to see the man played, but I didn’t think he was seen in that light.

  • Alan McDonald

    I think he is the successor to Father McBride of the McBride principals, but more of an SF supporter than his predecessor.

  • Davros

    I’m not sure that SF are that fond of him either – If and when our friends return tomorrow hopefully they will comment. I suspect that he’s a bit of an embarrassment to everybody including his Church.

    Computers – mine is acting up, so if I’m not around in the next few days it’s nothing to do with hiding from pat 😉

  • Alan

    *Father McBride of the McBride principals*

    Don’t think Sean McBride of the McBride principles was a priest! No – wasn’t it another army he fought with?

  • aquifer

    What is the problem that Catholic Irish America has with Northern Ireland. Do they want to vicariously re-live an American Style war of independence, having arrived too late for the first one?

    Or are they exporting their nineteenth century urban american argument, the one against the protestant and anglican establishment who dominated as they arrived.

  • Alan McDonald

    Wow! Talk about Ignorant Yanks! Thanks for the clarification about McBride. Made me go to the history books that I should have read years ago. I also learned that McBride was the son of Maud Gonne and that he won both the Nobel Prize and the Order of Lenin!

    So, that is part of the problem Irish Americans have about any situation: Ignorance. The other problem, far as I can tell, is being raised in an atmosphere of hate for everything British. For example, traffic control signals on US roads have red, yellow and green lights, with red on top and green on the bottom. In Syracuse, New York, in a neighborhood called Tipperary Hill, the police finally placed the red permanently on the bottom because Irish American youths would always move the green to the top in the dark of night.

  • mucher

    Did’nt Fr. Sean have a brother in the I.R.A.? Tha is the reason for his involvement the the I.N.C.

  • Jimmy Sands

    I must say the absence of a comment facility was a great disappointment to me.